Ny orientalsk "streg" * New Orientally drawing line.

( Den danske udgave af bloggen ligger som sædvanligt nedenunder den engelske)


English version:

“My name is development.  

As long as I develop, I am.”

Lisbet Lark August 5th. 2015.

As visible on the front of this website rignt now, I this winter get my 1st juried exhibition in Paris. At the same time, it´s a presentation of my new Orientally illustration Line, which I developed, when I was at a museum exhibition in Olbia, Sardinia, Italy in June this year with my new invented Old Ancient History Illustration line, which were published in the end of April this year along with my new coloured Nordic illustration line, which were presented for the forst time at the London Art Biennale 2015, and for the time being Is a success in my Tisvilde Illustrations.

If you read the words, ” Præsentation of”, ” newly developed drawing line,” several times in the above mentioned, it has some good  reasons:

On occasion of my 50st birthday in June I gave myself a New years Resolution last New year, the ultimate "ERROR 50 challenge”:

“Create as much as possible and at least 3 new drawing lines within the calendar year 2015 AND get them recognized through either juried exhibitions, museum exhibition or travelling exhibititions. “

So far, I think, I manage:

  • No1 new illustration line:  Nordic naturalistic coloured illustration line“:     "Nude line the 21st century1”,  (London art Biennale , Jan 2015), My Tisvilde illustration  line.


  • No 2 new illustration Line: Old ancient history black illustration line,   “Etruscan Chariot” and Roman fight” (Archeologically Museum of Olbia , Sardinia, June 2015).


  • No 3 new illustration line: Oriental line. 1st artworks name “Lotus Genie” (Juried gallery exhibition in Paris, Dec 2015- Jan 2016.)

We have the publication politics here on the web-site that we don´t published selected artworks until they´ve been created / finished and have arrived at exhibition destination, but interested viewers / collectors / buyers can watch my “Lotus Genie” on the FB-site of the exhibition “Un Seul Grain de Riz” here:



It´s a miniature art exhibition for artworks in a small bounded scale , french paper standard, F1 , 16 cm x 22 cm, taking place at the Gallery Metanoia from Dec 19th 2015 to Jan 9th    2016.

This week I´m finishing film recordings in the role as Kiki, Cecilia Grünwald”, a museum film for Kulturcenter Asssistens about The lady in Waiting of the Danish princess Dagmar, when she became the wife of the Russian Zar , Maria feodorovna and came back to DK during the Revolution.

So in a few moments I have to transform myself into a 25 years older woman from another culture anno 1946, which means making wrinkles on your face ON PURPOSE.  … Now ,that´s development!

Other upcoming winter activities:

Next year a new big world wide juried international artbook publication “ Current Masters”, will come from one of the biggest artbook publishers in USA, World Wide Art. I and my artistically universe here on gallerioctopusart.dk am selected for that book.  I´ll be in it. Coorperation with publisher starts in January.

“Current Masters, vol 2” will be on the market later in 2016.

Lisbet Lark.


Aug. 12th 2015:

3 artworks in a further development of artwork "Abandoned" , now called " Abandoned illustration Line" has now been sent of to a museum exhibition in Slovenia in Oct 2015. = Illustration line No 4 (Abandoned Line).

Aug. 17th 2015:

NO 5 illustration line 2015: "Close-up colored illustration line". "My 2 very 1st species of artworks within this kind of drawing are sent of to a museum exhibition in USA.

Please, take a new look on menu item "Naturalistic artworks" (earlier called : "Malerier, naturalistiske) some reorganizing is going on there showing all my illustration lines. Site administrators are right now busy lining up my museums exhibitions i Oct 2015 on the front page in COLUMNS.

Never thought that would happen!


August 28th:This blog was written August 5th and not August 15th as written i menu. I guess it´s a result of the panic among my nice site administrators on occasion of the fact, that I´m right now creating art for 4 museum exhibitions this autumn, and there is no room for all mine at the front site of this web-site, because I´m an quickly emerging artist. Things have happened fast, since I had my very first juired exhibition as a painter at The London Art Biennale 2013.. It´s not because it´s a bad kind of web-site, but it´s a norm on gallery web-sites, that they have important exhibitions of an artist from at least 2 years shown on the front of their web-site, and there are no space for all mine at this web-site front. They´ve began moving my other exhibitions. So reorganizing the web-site for an upgrade will continue for a while. I´ll write more about it in my next blog. Please, have patience.




Dansk udgave af bloggen d. 5/8 2015 "Ny orientalsk Streg "




“Mit navn er udvikling.  


så længe jeg udvikler, eksisterer jeg.”



Lisbet Lærke d. 5.august 2015.



Som man kan se på forsiden af denne web-side lige nu, får jeg nu i den kommende vinter min første censurerede udstilling i Paris. Samtidigt er det en præsentation af min nye orientalske "streg", som jeg udviklede, da jeg var på museumsudstilling i Olbia, Sardinien, Italien i Juni dette år, da jeg debutterede med min dengang nye oldtidsillustrations "streg", som blev offentliggjort i slutningen af april i år sammen med min nye Nordiske illustrationsstreg, som blev presenteret f%2.


12/8 2015: Ok nu har jeg forsøgt på at lægge den danske udgave ind af bloggen 3 gange og hver gang "forsvinder" den, så I må nøjes med den engelske.

Del siden