Having a system in your mess is better, than having mess in your system.

Now the feared situation appeared.

No more space on the front of this website and a couple of the other sub-sites, among them the new page with naturalistic drawings and paintings, which you´ll now find under the menu item: "Art gallery."

The great news that it look like I have no les than 4 museum exhibitions going on in Oct this year created panic among site administrators, and we got an offer about upgrading it to a version, which creates more writing space and space for photoes.  

We´ll be going from being able to use 47% in the middle of the screen to show area to 60% of the screen surface and get a web-site which is quicker to navigate on for our many users...

But everything has a "prise." I´ve always loved the design opportunities for us creative people on 123hjemmeside, but upgrading this time seems to be a down-grading. It´s with a bleeding heart, I´ll have to say goodbye to my beloved possibilities to change background designs, which is right now a blue sky with clouds on.

The new version demands, that the number of visible main items in the menu will be limited, only 5 will be visible in the new version, and the site administrators have been working on that for a couple of weeks. They are creating and working on the 5 menu main items, which will be visible on top of the front page of this web-site when upgrade has taken place:

  • "Exhibition series". (Front page with the last 2 years important exhihibitions, subpages : This blog, artist CV, quotes, contact page, etc.)
  • "Art Gallery" . (subpages, still being edited, already lack of space in menu because of the fact that I create art within more than 5 kinds of art, and there are only space for 5 sub items)
  • Previous Exhibitions. (Reorganisation of sub-pages done : Juried exhibitions, travelling exhibitions, museum exhibitions and other exhibitions.)
  • "Published" (Sub-pages still being edited).
  • "Teater/ Film." (Might be moved, removed or set up in a new way).

The new version gives more space, but that is also only for some time. Therefore , I ´ll have to let go one of my other hobbyhorses, though I don´t want to:

The Danish language.

I´m a Dane, living and creating my art in Denmark, so this is a enormous sacrifice!

But this web-site has a lot more users who don´t read or understand Danish than users who do only read and understand Danish. Most Danes read and talk English. Therefore, sub-pages will gradually be edited and translated into English language as preparations for an upgrade progresses. Also the Dansih language has a lot of phrases which can be misunderstood and used in an inappropriate way in other cultures and countries. I want to avoid that, becuase it causes me trouble when I´m exhibiting outside DK.

I hope that the new version has a Box-blog counter, because we´ve missed that for a long time, and I´ve to let go the possibility of making my own top-design, too.

But right now, at the last Box- blog with the old design version, it says: 90 872 visitors on top of this blog.

I love keeping other people occupied, so while site-administrators are fighting to organize my messy artistically universe in a logically way on this web-site, I myself am VERY inspired by the situation, creating an artwork "Panico Pomjeii1" for an museum exhibition in the Italian Ancient City, which I hope will be finished and arrive at destination before deadline.

Artworks has been sent off to museum exhibitions USA and to Slovenia, the last mentioned might be in January in stead of Oct...- And then this years exhibition at the Woven Heart Art Museum is gradually appearing. Exhibition "H. C. Andersen Passion 1" will open Oct 17th 2015 and go on until medio Dec this year. www.julehjertemuseet.dk

 Best regards

Lisbet Lark. 

Del siden