Taming the wild animal.

“I´m the wild flower on the reclaimed field.

The one, whose bud is different than the others, turns against the wind and breaks away.

The one who survives and return no matter or how much you try to fight me and no matter how many times you weed me away.

I always find a new place to take root and goes on growing there without manure, water or sun.

When my conditions of life deteriorates, I mutate and adjust to my new conditions and survive.

When I starve, I live on a stone, until some rain falls and the sun begins to shine again.

Then I raise myself with a renewed strength which surprises my surroundings…. Each and every time.”

Lisbet Lark / Lisbet Lærke Sept 7 th 2015.

For 15 months now my family and I have been living in a small apartment, an artisan offer , as a result of flood in our former home….- and I´m still spending a lot of time and energy renovating it, building our new life up there, sleeping at the floor.  Also my atelier in Tisvildeleje is very small. Being an artist who is not financially supported by the Danish society , Government or foundations at all. Getting no financially help from the Danish society at all to rebuilt my family´s life after these floods, I´m not able to rent a big atelier, and create big artworks, as long as renovation of my home is taking place….

 – and it will be so for a long time out in future, because it´s the same diseased hands which are creating artworks and running this artistically company of mine, which have to work their strength out on building in my own smart home decoration solutions , specially designed place saving furniture.

Right now it limits my art production even more in both quantity and size of artworks….

I´ve had to adjust my artistically life to these new conditions in order to survive as an artist. Living the simple, but happy life in this miniature home and world has inspired and forced me to begin making miniature artworks and small scale art. I´m using a magnifying glass and very strong glasses during creation process.

Taming the wild animal, my artistically universe on this web-site for an upgrade is soon finished.

I´m NOT happy about it, but we need to do it, so I have to adjust AGAIN.  

I myself will be the one who hit the “Upgrade”-button on Sept 10th 2015, at about 2 PM Danish time…

( Kl 14.00) … If you have any feedback, please, write to me via the contact page. Thank you very much to my nice site-administrators for helping me in this 3 weeks long web-site reorganizing process.  <3

Lisbet Lark /  Lisbet Lærke.

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