Don´t put your telescope in front of your blind eye.

You´ll see me , if you see me…

It´s not the best time of world history having 4 international museum exhibitions and an international juried exhibition, when you´re a female Danish artist, who has to go against the stream in order to exhibit…. -and as if it wasn´t enough, I have another one, my first one as a photo artist coming up in Paris, too. Soon.

Baaaad timing to be honest.

A year ago I foretold that a new world order would appear within the next year, thorough via a civil peaceful walk within the democratic rule,  misusing the Christian ways of thinking and society.

The scourge of democracy is, that it can be abolished by the democracy itself, abusing the democratic rules and demands…

Just an intuition, it was…..  - and nobody would listen to me then….

An uncomfortable foretelling, which has now come true…    

Earlier in history I´ve foreseen a lot of other human disasters in details, such as 9/11 2001.

Also when I was in Olbia this summer and watched the TV from Rome with the refugees, a lot 80-95 % of them young men between the age of 18 and 35, in the war usable age, well-trained, weel-fed struggling against police, throwing aid on the streets, who all by incident had left their women and children in a devastated country (Which normal man would do that, unless it was safe for their special families to stay without a man in the their house? ) They´ve all incidentally decided at the same time that they would emigrate up through Europe shielded by innocent civil fragile women and children. Planning that when they came to the border of the naïve Scandinavia, they would change status to “refugees” getting refugees rights and get supported without being forced to have a job, so they could full-fill their mission being provided for by the altruistic infidelled. They were already then unsatisfied with the hotel standard. I myself experienced to be called “A stupid Dane” in Olbia, just because I´m from Denmark, where we have this social secure system, we´ve been fighting for, for about 150 years taking care of our own elderly persons and weak ones in society, and which were blamed for dragging these people up through Europe. But they´ve another reason to be here in my opinion.  95% of them are NOT real refugees, but soldiers.

Even now, when everybody are able to see, what happens,

IF THEY OPENED THEIR EYES AND DARED TO BE HONEST, a lot of people don´t believe me….

I´ ve been losing a lot of earlier good friends lately having that intuition for being able to see what happens without this "press filter" on. Nobody believed me at that time, nobody believed me a week ago…. – but now, when the European borders are closing, splitting up EU continent. Setting Europe on fire, a little tiny bell is beginning to ring in the public.

People only see, what the press is showing them through it´s  “feeling filter”, and there are more viewers / readers in the 5 % abused and scared women and children, who needs help than in the 95% young healthy men between the age of 18 and 35. Therefore, people haven´t realized the truth until now, I think.

But back to my otherwise great museum stay in Olbia: I´ve opend my Pandora´s box, my suitcase with sketches from that trip, and some of them I´ve realized into art, which is now in museum collections, travelling exhibitions and juried exhibitions.

My hands and mind are where I am, and when I get inspired outside DK, place of origin of my following artworks will be somewhere else…- and if they´re good enough, they´ll be selected for museum- and juried shows. That´s just what is happening right now.

These artworks have therefore as “Place of origin”: Olbia. Those counts all miniature artworks for my juried exhibition (1st specimen of my new Oriental illustration line) in Paris Dec. 2015 – Jan 2016 and my miniature artwork, “Panico Pompei1”, (1st specimen of my Old Ancient coloured illustration Line”, which is going to be exhibited in Oct . 2015 in Pallazio Fusco di Pompei. After exhibition artwork stays in The City of Pompei, available for coming travelling exhibitions….

I´m an earlier abstract painter / drawer, so they´re just 2 out of 7 new naturalistic illustration lines, I´ve developed in 2015. When 2015 runs out, the 6 of them has been on either juried exhibitions, museum exhibitions, or travelling exhibitions, and I´ve still one left a” flora / fauna  colored illustration line” which I haven´t been able to fit in anywhere yet. It might wait until next year.

Then you ask: “How about this photo art exhibition in Paris, she talked about? When is that and where?

Well, yesterday, I created my very 1st photo artwork portrait- selfie, “Hair Elastics” for a show called “Maskbook by Art of Change21"” , (pic) an artwork where I´m both the model and the photographer, which is going to be used during The COP21 Climate Top Conference in Paris Dec 7th- Dec 8th 2015 on show in Grand Palais, Champs- Élysées, Paris.

I would die from stress if I should travel around to reach all these exhibition previews in autumn 2015 / early winter, (7), but I´ll come to as much as possible.

You´ll see me, if you see me…

Lisbet Lark,


Del siden