Design by Lisbet Lark

"Art is only created in one specimen, an original.

Design is created in several specimen. "

Quote: Lisbet Lark, Sept 27th 2015 while setting up new web-site: www.designbylisbetlark.dk

There is a big difference between Design and Art. Most people know me from this web-site as an artist, but actually, I also have a growing design production, inventing new products. So last week, when I became ill with a flu, I had to kill time with something, so I decided that NOW I finally had the time and opportunity to make myself a designer- web-site with information about, WHAT I´ve designed and WERE to buy it. The web-site is also a room, where I can present new designs and call for dealers for it.

My design dealers will be mentioned with compagny names and links to their web-shop, were you can buy my design all year round, and when they go to a market or a fair selling my stuff, I´ll mention it on the front of www.designbylisbetlark.dk... when they tell me...

Because with my very active life as an busy artist, almost all the fair weekends concerning my kinds of designs, will be occupied with artistically activities, exhibitions, and I CAN`T sqeeeeze any more in my calendar, without getting stressed.

Like last autumn, I´ve spent the month of September, designing new things for The Woven Heart Art Museum special shop for hanging decoration for small trees, among other things birds.

- and then the miniature artist has entered the world of miniature design, too, creating the worlds smallest handmade flag bunches, with flags size: 0,3cm x 0,5cm. I know because my very first order comes from the miniature business line, which has missed that for decades,and ordered them, before I had even designed them.

Actually I didn´t know if it was possible to design and produce, but you don´t know if you can, until you´ve tried.. Nobody else can create them in size 1:12, it´s  too small to handle. Just a job for Lisbet Lark to create, something which is impossible to make... So I started trying to design and produce, and surprisingly during the last 3 days I ´ve succeeded in creating a Danish, Swedish and a Norwegian version of this little miniature flagbunch. A thing is only utopian until somebody realises it, and obviously that somebody is me... over and over again ... If everything goes right, my little new miniature design-invention will be presented at a miniature fair in Odense, Denmark , Oct 30th 2015.

A lot of museum exhibitions of mine are on their way. I hope to get some links from these exhibitions for you, too....-and then I´m looking forward to participate. happy autumn!

Best regards

NB: The micro bird on the photo is one of my new decoration design products for small trees this year, no bigger than 2,5 cm x 3cm x 2,5 cm iclusiveclothes-peg. The Woven Heart Art Museum is selling it. www.julehjertemuseet.dk 

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