"Feeling devastated near SO many souls and yet SO far away in time that each line I draw on this artwork hurts deep inside me for hours."

Quote: Lisbet Lark, finishing artwork "Panico Pompei1" miniature artwork, August 24th 2015. (Picture) for exhibition  at Pallazio de Fusco, Pompei, Oct 10th. - Oct 31st. 2015. After that staying in Pompei, available for travelling exhibitions curated by the City of Pompei.

3 different museum exhibitions , 1 at Pallazio de Fusco, Pompei Italy as an old ancient illustrator, (Artwork: panico Pompei1", plese, see picture), 1 as a woven heart artist (paper art) at the Woven Heart Art Museum in DK, and 1 at The Tampa Museum of Art in Florida, USA, as a close-up illustrator, (Artworks " Trust1" and "Self-confidence1" are scrolling up-down-up-down-up-down the front of this web-site right now.

Driving my site administrators crazy… Love to keep them occupied.

But how can it be different when you´re an emerging artist developing from being an abstract painter to becoming a naturalistic painter and illustrator with 7 new naturalistic illustration lines developed in 2015?

A very, very bright blog reader has contacted me asking me about “Illustration Line no 5”, what is it and why is it not yet in the gallery???

Answer: I´ve also developed a naturalistic colored fauna / floral line, but so far I haven´t found or got any call for that kind of artworks for juried - / museum - or travelling exhibitions, so I guess you´ll have to wait to see it until I can get it in or selected somewhere.

By the way, do you remember what the gallery did last time, I had a museum exhibition in June 2015????


Rise in art prices  all over this web-site. I´ve tried to talk them from it, but there are no mercy. With 3 equal museum exhibitons we´ll have to rise prices little bit more. My exhibition at The Woven Heart Art Museum shouldn´t be included in that “account”, ´cause it opens each year from Oct-Dec, so that wouldn´t be fair, I think, but the 1 in Tampa and the 1 in Pompei counts. After some wild discussions with this gallery, I succeeded in keeping the rise in art prices on this web-site down to 5% being executed Nov 1st. 2015. All art deals, which has been made before midnight between Oct 31st and Nov 1st, Danish time, will be kept on today´s price level.

I miss my blue sky and white clouds on a web-site design, I used to create myself,. Instead I got the opportunity to play on my new web-site www.designbylisbetlark.dk, which has had a good start. Somebody has just started the FB-site “Design by Lisbet Lark” , which belongs to the web-site for people who wants to follow my design activities and get in touch with me about my design, where to buy it, fairs and so on.

Lisbet Lark, Denmark.

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