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After a short and hectic exhibition day today at Tampa Museum of Art, California, USA, where my 2 miniature artworks, "Trust1" and "Self-confindece1" are exhibited, The Woven Heart Art Museum (Julehjertemuseet) in Tisvildeleje, Denmark, is now ready for it´s 2nd season. Opening tomorrow Oct 17th , between 2 PM and 5 PM.

Culture guide link about The Woven Heart Art Museum:


It has been VERY hard to create art and carfts for so many museum exhibitions and make everything work out in my calendar, so the last 2 weeks , I´ve given myself some vacation elsewhere. If you can call it "vacation," when you spend it on creating new designs of hanging decorations for small Christmas trees, put them into production and send them out to a dealer, who is taking your design to a miniature fair later this month.

But anyway, my handmade design of the world´s smallest flag bunching in the 3 Scandinavian flags, flag size 0,3cm  x 0,5cm, an order from the miniature business line (pic) , is now put up for sale in my dealers web-shop, where everybodu can buy it

The fair is Odense miniaturemarked, taking place  Oct. 31ts this year, from 11AM- 5PM in Bolbro Brugerhus:

The Woven Heart Art Museum opens with a new exhibtion this year, called H.C. Andersen Passion1". Besides woven heart art, my special showcase furniture design is on show , too, and I´ve created a lot of new designs of hanging decorations for small trees, postcards, and so on. Among other things 3 diffent sizes of flag bunches for small trees.

Beautiful and touchhing exhibition at Pallazio de Fusco in Pompei, in lovely hot Italy, where my artwork "Panico Pompei1"  is on show about vulcano Vesuv and the Archeology, which is still in progress until Oct 31st this year. I did my sketches for this artwork during mye exhibition at Museo Archeologico di Olbia in June, therefore Place of origin is Olbia. Welcome to a lot of new readers from Pompei area, and thank you for all your "likes" on the picture of my artwork "Panico Pompei1" at FACEBOOK-site "Art by Lisbet Lark / Lisbet Lærke. "

Whhhhooo-hhaaa!, that was a lot of links and museum exhibitions going on at the same time to get under control, so I thnk I´ll need another vacation.

Lisbet Lark.

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