Happy New Year!

My year 2015 was amazing with a development from being an abstract painter and to be more figurative / naturalistic with the development of 7 new illustration lines, almost got them all of pad in 2015 through juried exhibitions and museum exhibitions:

January 2015:
England, London Art Biennale (2 Works: my 1. Painting of a naked person, " Nude in the 21st century1" in my Nordic Colored Illustration Line + Woven Heart Art " Sherlock Holmes Portrait).

March 2015:

 Germany, Berlin: Exhibition: ' Artificial Intelligence ' My big Abstracts "Det Store Maskefald 1, 2 and 3" from 2009 being selected to be among Europe's 15 most interesting artists in 2015.

June 2015:

 Italy: Museo archeologico di Olbia, Sardinia, Mediterranean. My First 2 Old Ancient history illustration in my black / white drawing line , " Battle Scene " and "Etruscan Chariot ", the last mentioned one is with my lifes 1st naturalistic drawing of a horse.

October 2015:

 USA: Tampa Museum of Art: My first 2 works in my colored close-up illustrations line, " trust1" and self-Confidence1" (Miniature).

 Italy: Museo Palazio the Fusco, Pompeii. The 1. artwork " Panico Pompei1" in my old ancient colored illustration line. (Miniature). Artwork is now is located in the city of Pompeii's permanent collection and will in the coming years with be on travelling museum exhibitions.

Dec 2015-Jan 2016:

 France, Paris, juried exhibition: My first 2 artworks in my oriental illustration line, " Eternal Life " and " Lotus Genie." (Miniature).

After 10 weeks with both my thumbs an wrists fixed in metal skins, where I´ve been able to write 7-8 hours a day, (love it!), at long last I´m working as an artist again, too.

These breaks in my art production each winter dued to a cold and moisty weather in DK are limiting my art production with up to 20% of the year, giving a part of an explanation of why my art production is so low comparing to other artists. Another reason is that I am creating art within a lot of media, crafts, music, lyrics, shortstories, phoems, doing some acting sometimes.  I only have 24 hours a day to work, sleep and live. Having no television is a lot of help in my fresh periods of the year. It gives me 4-5  hours more to work in each day as other people, who spend each evening in front of a television. I don´t have time for watching television.

I prefer to spend my evenings on creating art. But this time my rheumatism attack would have killed me as an artist if I in the autumn 2015 hadn´t gone for a small freelance writer job in a German company, writing small passionated articles about a lot of Danish museums and other historically places in DK with my hand skins on, in order to increase visitor number at the museums.

So my “dream working day” in 2016 would be creating art in the early morning hours (1 hours idea storm), get 1-2 more frelance jobs /writing work for 7-8 hours and then create art, design, and so on, 2-4 hours  in the evening.

Using my new second-hand travelling easel (Christmas present) I have started drawing and painting again, by creating something simple using a tick black ink pen on a white piece of paper.  So now I have completed / sent a graphical entry to go to a jury somewhere in Denmark. I have created a lot of  logos and graphical designs earlier in my life, but this is the 1st one for years, so I hope they´ll appreciate it.

Another New Years resolution of mine is to create some more artworks for the Art Gallery on this web-site. Most of my artworks shown on this web-site are either reserved for customers, reserved for exhibitions, art book publication,  reserved for other artistically activities or sold. Since this time last year the number of available artworks for sale and show have lowered, so we need to give this web-site a little “vitamin kick” finishing / creating new artworks for the art gallery within my 6 new recognized drawing / painting lines.

We´ll end this blog with the first mentioned artwork: My very first painting with a naked person; “Nude in The 21st Century1” which were selected for and exhibited at The London Art Biennale in January 2015 in Chelsea Old Town Hall, were the last artwork I sold in 2015. It was shipped off on New Years Eve´s day Dec 31st 2015 heading for a customer outside Denmark, along with 2 of my other artworks.

Happy New Year!

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden