The Art of Simplicity

“Life is simple. Capture it , the expressions, relations, moods, body languages, personalities and the surroundings in one simple detailed line, and you´ve caught the deeper layer of life and what it is about, no matter the size of your artwork.”

Quote FB- comment Lisbet Lark, Jan. 6th 2015.

(Teatertegning) Theater drawing by lisbet Lark.

Danish Actress Anne Suffli in the role as

Elsa Schröder In "The Sound of Music."

Black ink on white paper. Illustration Line no 7, "Simple Illustration Line."

I´m a hopeless perfectionist. When it comes to details in my illustrations I´m working with magnifying glasses using hours creating a small detail.

There is a big difference between  the meaning of “detail” and “simplicity”. In Danish we use the same word “Enkelthed” for both things, so I´ll use this blog for explaining  them in a proper perspective. Because I´m a detail person, I every now and then need to make very simple artworks too, using my brain in other and new ways, give my brain new challenges, develop new things, media, way of working, and of course to relax from that pressure it is to be a detail person.

As the very attentive readers have noticed, I in my New Year blog increased the number of my new developed illustration lines in 2015 to 7. The last one appeared at New Years Eve in a very special place, in a theatre called “Det Ny Teater” in Copenhagen, where I saw the last show of the musical  “The Sound of Music,”. VERY inspirering evening, I had this New Year, because I also came home with an inspiration to new artworks in my Illustration Line 1,  a new “Copenhagen Illustrations” series  (Ny serie : "Tegninger fra København" i Illustration line 1) developing into creating an indoor illustration with over 20 interacting persons / characters, extremely detailed and very time demanding …... I might put that on this blog, when I´ve finished it. But that evening a new illustration Line came out of my hands, too: Illustration Line 7, called “ Simple Illustration Line”, where it is the person, the personality, the character, state of mind, body attitude and NOT the surroundings, which is in your focus.

Site administrators will make a new under item for Illustration Line no 7 under menu item “Art Gallery” at this website.

When I´m in my "simple thinking" mood, I also like to play with a black ink pen and a piece of white paper, giving myself some limited drawing challenges. As you might have seen on my artwork, in my orientally illustration line, which has just been at a juried exhibition in Paris, I´m still a former abstract painter and drawer, when it comes to use symbols in my art.

As a miniature artist I also have a black / white counter part to that one, which is VERY simple. I prefer to use it for design challenges, where the “job” is to create and visualize ideas, values, activities, events of an institution, who needs a motive which works in a small scale, which often are presented as Gordian knots.

I love to solve a Gordian knot in a very simple way.  It is food and healthy exercise for my brain.   

Therefore, I also during my work with this above mentioned very detailed illustration have created 2 very simple entries for logo competitions.

One of them is for a big event In England in 2018, which needed an event logo, with another very special logo inside in a renewed design, symbolizing group values, illustrating a special theme, which particular have to work in  size :  6cm x 6 cm for among other things embroidery, web-site, merchandise. Sketch for that one were done in size 6cm x 6cm on a yellow memory sheet  to make sure, that it would work in that particular size.

My other logo entry is an entry for a very big event here in Denmark, where the logo needs to visualize group values, activities, a special number and so on. A difficult bounded challenge to be used as a logo on everything from needles ( 0,5 cm x 0,5 cm, heads on writing papers (size 1,5 cm x 1, 5 cm ) and to merchandise, T-shirts (  about 30 cm x 30 cm).

 Equal for both of these competitions is, that the events are in their early state of planning. Logos are needed for special branding of events , institutions or compagnies . Therefore, I would never publish my logo entries here in this blog, as other organisations shouldn´t be able to use them.  But off course if the unbelievable should happen that I won one of them, I would link to articles about it, if they themselves publish my logo entry for their event on the internet.

Both of them very complicated abstract challenges solved with very a simple way of thinking created with a ditto black / white unique illustration line.    

 I don´t know if I have inborn skills for creating logos designs, too, but if I don´t try, I don´t know if I can.

Time will show.

Best regards

Lisbet Lark,  Denmark.

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