The Wild Crazy Life of my art..


For me as an earlier abstract painter, it is an amazing experience to watch how my naturalistic artworks are creating themselves their own crazy, wild, amazing life outside Denmark!

 They are living their own lives, creating their own art histories and doing it without me being around!... 

Lean back and enjoy your ride !  Somebody said to me ....

... - and now they have got a another new opportunity, namely partly as background design for this website , which I think became to boring, when administrators were forced to install a new version af software and reorganize this website in order to make the front page capable of handling my 4 museum exhibitions running at the same time in October 2015 which completely overloaded the capacity of this this website.

My very first background webdesign is the upper part of  my life´s first miniature coloured Old Ancient History illustration " Panico Pompeii1", which were exhibitioned at a museum exhibition at  Pallazio Fusco di Pompeii in October 2015, and which now has become a part of a travelling exhibition, named: " Pompei: The Archeologia e Il Vesuvio" , where the 2nd exhibition place is the beautiful castle of Polverificio   between Napoli and Salerno in Italy.  This background design and section of artwork  corresponds to a part I was watching through strong glasses and  my magnifying glass, when I created the Eruption of the Vesuvio at the upper artwork, because the artwork itself is SMALLER than the area you see on your screen, approx about 15cm x 21 cm all inclusive. Welcome to  my artistically universe to all new viewers from Napoli area, Salerno area, Scarpati area and Pompeii area and to my "Pompeii1"-fans ...

Imagine, this very 1st artwork in my coloured old ancient naturalistic history illustration  line, " Panico Pompei1" has got its own old ancient history  fans! Some day it might get  a worshipping fan club. That´s more than I myself have ...

.... - and 1.000.000 thanks to all the nice volunteers and firing souls of the travelling exhibition, who make this possible and help the curators putting up this exhibition, taking it down after exhibition, looking after the artworks while exhibtion  is in progress, packing my artwork and put it up some new beautiful historically place on the exhibition route over and over again. You are my heroes! 

Already,  my artwork illustration "Abandoned" is travelling around in Germany on 4th year, where it has now been exhibhited 11 places since 2012. Wild life!  

When you are an earlier abstract painter, which for the time being is unable to draw and paint because of  darknnes in the weather in Denmark and you need to spend a hollyday somewhere, you might as well go on an imaginary trip with "Panico Pompei1" under distant skyes.  But again this year, my month of February is booked for continuing renovating my and my familiy´s small anonymeous non-public private home , which we had to purchase , when we 2 years ago lost your big light new build atelier apartment dued to flood. So this February, I´m slaving as a furniture crafts worksman building some of my own special design of place saving furniture for my home. Work goes slooooooowly, actually I only work on the project when some unplanned break  in my calendar shows up, but the reason for ny slooowness is also, that the flood was an unplanned event in my life,  and that it takes me long time to find and get the right unique  materials to build my alternative furniture from. But I´ll do  .... over time, .....  I´m sure. It becomes a small , elegant and beautiful "castle" once when I´m finished, and actually, I only have 1 head and 2 hands to work with at a time. They can´t both draw / paint  art illustrations and build specially designed furniture at the same time.

One of the next special background webdesigns I will create for this website will be from one of my early abstract artworks on occation of the big american art book  publication "Current Masters , vol2" I and my abstract artworks have been selected for this upcoming summer.  If you think this "Panico Pompeii1" is a colour opera as a background design, .... just wait and see, this new one will be exploding in happy summer colours inspired by warm weather, music and carnival! You will find my abstract artworks under menu  item "Art gallery" and " Abstract"

Lisbet Lark, Denmark.

Del siden