Waiting for …

The worst thing about waiting is not that you have to wait, but the fact that you don´t know how long time you have to wait…

For the time being I am waiting for answers from art juries, and this time I have been more human to my site administrators  by not sending in so many entries to juries as last autumn. Number of selected artworks, juried exhibitions and museum exhibitons are logically  limited of how many art submissions I do, so this spring I have decided to try to keep my site administrators occupied without stressing them, as I want to keep these very nice and helpful people for a long time. Thank you for all your help. I wouldn´t know what to do without you.

I spend my waiting time this March creating all decorations and special showcase furniture design / restoration for my 2 own next exhibitions in Denmark May 14th- May 16th  exhibition “Galleri octopus Art” and from  medio Oct- Dec at the Woven Heart Art Museum.   My own deadline on preparing all this practically matters is March 31st 2016. From April 1st to Sept 30th I want to have the possibility to spend my time in other artistically projects and enjoy the summer, creating art and give people an experience elsewhere like all other artists, I know.  

I can´t wait for the summer, I miss the light. Without the light, I can´t draw or paint.

After a long cold, moisty and hard winter I´m longing for bathing people, sunlight, sandals, sunglasses, giving people big COLGATE-smiles, sun-tanned skin, heat, long hair taken up in messy clods, green leaves on the trees, wild birds singing  ….

Can´t wait for that,… 

- just bring it on, I´m ready!

 Best regards

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden