Kids and me...

I find kids in all ages inspiring and the smaller they are, the more spontaneous they are , too. They don´t hide their feelings, if anything don´t suit them, there is a cash settlement at check -out 1, when it comes to feelings. 

In autumn 2015 I had 2 small artworks of my new close-up illustration line (No 6) exhibited and sold at Tampa Museum of Art, Californien, USA, - and I also started on 

My miniature artwork: "Ashamed1" in progress.

5 x 5 inches (12,3 cm x 12, 3 cm) crayons and ink on cardboard.

several matching miniatures, but I had to stop working on them. 1st because I got a severe 10 week long reumatism attack in both of my hands wearing hand-skins up to New Year.. . 2nd because my eyes are so bad now, that I can´t see without daylight and I can´t make miniatures without a very good magnifying glass....- and it is VERY dark in the winter in Denmark.

So my small artworks has been put in the lowest drawer of my writing desk table, until the light of the spring came and until I had saved some money for buying a relevant pliance for visual handicapped persons....- and I must say:   


... - A free-standing double up to tripple up wonder with strong LED light has taken in my private non-public atelier, so now I am saving money for another one for my other mini atelier, too, because it is too heavy to bring with me around through daily life... It is also too heavy for travelling...  Now I can begin finishing all the artworks I have been longing to make through winter, and I guess they will all be finished and ready for sale at my galleri Octopus Art exhibition May 14th to May 16th 2016 in Tisvildeleje, Denmark.

Accidentally this "finish -kids-art-production" period of mine happened to coincide with another delayed  "Lisbet Lærke and kid"- production, namely the premiere last Friday on The museum film "Min barndom med Kiki." After a one year long production, it s now possible to experience me in a 25 years older version at Danish language with Russian accent, anno 1946 in the character of the 75 year old  lady In waiting, Cecilia Gustavovna Grünwald, who was a lady´s maid for Danish Princess Dagmar, Zarina Maria Fjodorovna, the Empress of Russia, who had to escape back to Denmark with her Russian Court when the Revolution came 1917-1919. Almost 30 years after the escape from Russia, as an old woman Cecilia, or "Kiki" as she was called built up a special relationship with a little 4 years old girl called Merete, who is also the adult storyteller in the film:

Lots of reflections after watching this film. An example of successfull integration, because there where no welfare-system to take care of these prominent refugees, who were poor after years of a draining escape through Russia and Europe, house arrest, assault and hunger. They had to manage themselves and earn their own money from day 1 in Denmark in order to survive. Nobody cared about them, so the Russian Court members had to start their lives all over with another status and at another level of society, work themselves up from bottom with own businesses, like this earlier lady-in-waitress, Cecilia Grünwald, who opened a tailor´s trade in Copenhagen and lived almost a lifetime after her Empress´dead in 1928.

She is very different from me as a person. The research I did on this character was as complete as when I am researching and preparing an old ancient history illustration, and it was a very good idea to be well-prepared and feeling save in "my" character before shoving up to recordings, because it was indeed a challenge to act in another 25 years older person´s character from another time of world history, another status in society and another background and at the same time make little adorable 5 years old child actress Francka Just (Merete) act / react natural the way film director Trine Damgaard wanted it, when I don´t have an actress education myself.  Francka  and I didn´t meet each other until recordings took place, we didn´t know each other on beforehand, but I think we built up a nice little natural girl´s playing universe. For those of you who have entered the link above and wathed the 11 minutes long historically film, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we both did.

Thanks for a nice coorporation with crew, film director and producers on Keep Talking Production and Kulturcentret Assistens. This museum film is from now permanently shown at The Museum of the cemetary of  Assistens in Copenhagen.

Other art news:

My Optically Illusion/ digital painting / photo artwork "Casa Utopica1" has now been picked up by curators in Rome heading for an exhibition at Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci.

You remember what happens each time I have a museum  exhibition?

It just happened again April 6th because of the one in Slovenia, and just before the exhibition in Milano the inevitable will happen again.

I must admit, that it has become a sport for me to get as much museum exhibitions as possible, and actually, this is my 3rd museum exhibition in Italy within a year.

Bes reagards

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden