Cataloque, website and art deal organizing.

We are still organizing this web-site in order to prepare it for my inclusion in the upcoming World-wide distributed art book, "Current Masters, vol 2" which will be published in USA this Summer and because an artistically development as mine from being an abstract painter developing into a concrete / more naturalistic illustrator demands some reorganization in the way artworks are being presented.

My miniature artwork, 5 x 5inch

(12, 3 cm x 12, 3 cm)."Self-

confidence2"  in progress.

(Illustration Line 6, Close up)

Menu item "Naturalistic" has been removed as all informations on this page now are awailable on the other pages. My few awailable early artworks, which were shown under menu item "Naturalistic" have after consulting an art expert been moved to the other Items of my  illustration lines after somebody told me, that several of these early artworks were curiosities, very early developments of some of my 7 new illustration lines. They are for sale, too. So now you can compare my artistically development with a 20 years long break between creating some of the artworks under some of the Illustration Line items.

I also have my annual upcoming Galleri Octopus Art exhibition at Whitsuntide May 14th- May17th in Tisvildeleje 60 km from Copenhagen, for which you interested customers has been asked to make contact to me via social media and  E-mail.  Therefore, we are creating a cataloque, which will be published May7th. We have now finished the demanded reorganization of this web-site for exhibition, which has been in progress since the news about my inclusion in artbook publication came last autumn.

All cataloque items are now named and numbered after the menu items on the front of this website, and all awailable artworks are now organized and numbered on this website the same way as in cataloque, which means, that when online-sale starts, all you have to do on PM is to mention / order the cataloque number of the artwork you are interested in and give me your E-mail adress / shipping adress, when you want to make a deal. Then you on E-mail get a invoice from me, which is also a confirmation of your art order, or I send you a  PAYPAL invoice in the currency, you want to pay in. (DKK, EURO, USD or GBP). You chose payment method yourself. Artwork will be visible signed "Reserved"  in this gallery while you do the payment.

This year online sale is placed around the physically opening hours in Galleri Octopus Art, as I can´t at the same time be a good hostess for visitors / customers who has travelled a long way in order to meet me and see my galleri exhibition and be on my computer servicing and dealing with art customers. I have VERY high standards when it comes to my customer service, too, and I want to give you all a very good experience and service as usual, so online opening hours are from: 11AM to1PM and from 7PM - 10PM each of the 3 opening days, while physically opening hours for visits are from 2PM- 5 PM all 2 days.

Danish time.

Hours bewteen the 2 types of opening hours are resting hours.

Wanted artworks can be reserved via PM on FACEBOOK both on my new English speaking profile, "Lisbet Lark" and on my Danish FB-profile "Lisbet Lærke" in upto 24 hours from invoice has been send to you until payment has been done and are visible on our accounts, and artwork will be marked as "Reserved" in the Art Gallery of  this website while payment is in progress, so other interested customers can see, that sale of the artwork is in progress, or see if deal of artwork has been cancelled. Both my FB- profiles will be open at the same time. When payment has been done via bank transfer or PAYPAL, (Details written in the foot of mailed faktura / invoise), artwork will be marked with a "SOLD" sign in this web-gallery, so other customers can se that, too, and make allowance on that when they contact me or want to by art from galleri Octopus Art.

I am a discreet person, and some of my private art collectors are, too. They don´t want other people to know that they have an art collection. Therefore, art deals take place through Private Mailing, and therefore, photographing is not allowed at the exhibition and therefore, it is also possible for serious art dealers and art collectors to contact me on long term before planned visit, ( at least 1-2 weeks before as I can be hired / occupied for other artistically jobs elsewhere) and make an appointment in order to watch exhibition without other people presented. Space / showroom "Kulturhulen" is available for Galleri Octopus Art the rest of the Summer until Sept 30th, in this period new artworks will arrive in this gallery gradually as I create them. For serious art collectors, art dealers and art customers, who are not able to be in Denmark at Whitsuntide May 14th to 17th and come from far away, sometimes from the other site of the Earth, it is therefore possible to use this extended opening our service, too, as usual. Please, make an appointment in good time before visit, otherwise I might be artistically occupied somewhere else. 

Other good news and updates:

Award exhibition Museo D´Arte E Scienza in Milano:

Artwork "Casa Utopica1" has arrived to destination, ready for an Award exhibition on  Museo D´Arte E Sicenza, Leonardo da Vinci"  in Milano, Italy. Normally museum artworks are not for sale, but this time I have put artwork for sale through my gallerist in Rome, where it passes before return to me after the exhibition, which takes place in the month of May, too. So if you are a collector in the Mediterranean area and planning to buy this artwork when it comes back to Galleri Octopus Art, it will be easier and cheaper for both of us, if you buy it from him.  Please, contact me for gallerist information, if interested.

Exhibition at Goriska National Museum at Castle Kromberk in Slovenia:

My 3 artworks in the permanent collection of the museum, titled " Recycling At Town Specialists 1-3" (illustration Line 2, Abandoned) is at show at the museum from April 28th and ahead. (No end date) . Start of exhibition is 1/2 year delayed.

 Travelling museum exhibition in Italy, "L´Archeologia e il Vesuvio":

My old ancinet history illustration artwork "Panico Pompei1" (illustration Line4) owned by the Art collection of the City of Pompeii is travelling with the exhibition, which has been extended to May30th 2016 at Real Polverificio Borbonico, Scafati, Italy. "Panico Pompei1."

That makes 3 international museum exhibition in progress while Galleri Octopus Art exhibition is in progress in Tisvildeleje, DK may 14th - may 17th.

 It also makes 3 Museum exhibitons in Italy within a year, if you count the one I had as and old ancient history illustrator at Museo Archeologico di olbia at Sardinia last year in June. 

Awesome! I never thought when I started as an abstract autodidactic artist 7 years ago in a small cold shelter in Northern Jutland, that I would reach this far!

Welcome to Galleri Octopus Art!

Lisbet Lark, Denmark.

Current Master 2016.

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