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" Spoiling what other people have created is not art. It´s vandalism."

Quote: Lisbet Lark, residence Antiqua Locanda Leonardo, Milan, May 4th 2016, at 9 PM.

Thank you very much for a great experience at Museo D´Arte e Scienza, at The Bonacossa Palace in Milano, where I  recieved "The Art- and Science Award 2016". Artwork "Casa Utopica1" took me 1 month to create and develop from subject idea to finished artwork. It is my very 1st specimen of this artistically media, mixed from digitally painting, grafically treatment and photo art, where I repeat this process of digital painting, grafic work and photographing over and over in order to create more and more deepness in my artwork, like when you create an old fashioned painting in several layers, This process of mine also brings out the optically illusion in it by making this big house floating.

 In contrary to some of the other qualified artists on this museum exhibition I have created the whole artwork myself. I don´t copy anybody. I never take a beautiful artwork created by a genious famous dead artist and spoil it just because I can, just to provoke at the expense of another artist who is dead and therefore not here to denfence himself or his artwork or to prevent it. 

Actually, I don´t see the art in spoiling what other people has created at all. No, art academy educated artists themselves and other professioal artists should have enough imagination to create their own artistically universe without copying or spoiling another artist´s brilliant artwork, I am sorry, I had enough good manners to suppres my meaning about this behaviour, but here I have to let it out. How about showing some respect for these old masters?  They were here before you came.  

The art is to create your own originally artistically univers 100% and make both artwork and yourself fit into given surroundings, no matter which ones. It is no art spoiling what other people have created. It´s vandalism.

In my artwork "Casa Utopica1" exhibited at the museum, I am both the creator of the subject (I have created the sketches for it and digitally painted it myself) and I am the photographer ( Actually, I don´t own a camera myself, I have lent my husband´s camera) and I am also the one who has  done the graphically work, as it is a part of the painting process, too, when you do this process over and over 8-10 times. The very last thing I did before developing it directly into a cleaning practically and light resistant acryllic plate was photographing it.

ONLINE ART SHOPPING on Galleri Octopus Art exhibition Denmark May 14th- may16th 2016:

We have now made this web-site ready for secure online art sale the next few days:

Thanks for a lot of new contacts via social media and FB-sites! 

On front top of this website we have created a News-box Telling weather online art shop in DK is OPEN or CLOSED. Dued to time diffenrencies it can be difficult to know what time it is in Denmark, if you are located on the other site of the Earth. But it doesn´t matter. Now you can see, if online artshop via E-mail , FB -chat or FB-site "Art by Lisbet Lark / Lisbet Lærke" is open or not. During nights and the 3 open hours pr day in Kulturhulen, online - sale will be closed and marked as CLOSED on this website.

Our secure art dealing procedure is described on our "Contact"- page. You can find it in the menu or by pushing the underlined headline of the Newsbox on top of the www.gallerioctopusart.dk front page.

I am looking forward to write with you and personally give you an excellent service and customers experience. 

Best wishes

Lisbet Lark.

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