A blessing in disguise.

You have to stop at the top!

An old Danish proverb, I never thought should be including me..... - Least of all when I 1 month ago received an award for my artwork at a museum exhibition in Italy and won an award for my artworks from a museum exhibition in Slovenia within the same week. Thank you VERY much for the last mentioned one, too. Unfortunately I didn´t have the energy to go to Slovenia, and I also was invited to the award ceremony in Slovenia during my stay in Milan with too short notice.

Between them I had a great Galleri Octopus Art exhibition in the most rainy and cold weather ever in a May weekend in Tisvildeleje where my annual Pentecost  Galleri Octopus Art exhibition takes place from now on: Thanks to those of you who forced the power of nature and showed up, and to those of you who dealed art through the internet. Most sold artworks has been shipped, others will be colllected in Tisvildeleje by customers and collectors by appointment during summer when you arrive to Denmark from oversea countries in order to visit me in Galleri Octopus Art.

During gallery exhibition we discovered that a stud was rotten in the 95 years old porch in front of Kulturhulen, and 1 week later .... - during my husband´s vacation which he had taken for being able to go with me to USA on occasion of a museum exhibition related to my inclusion in world -wide artbook "Current Masters, vol2", .... - we discovered that some battens was rotten, too, and when we took those and the timbering off for replacement we discovered that the floor plate was rotten, too. So what should have been a splending museum exhibition holliday in Las Vegas, has turned into a hard working stay in Tisvildeleje in 28- 34 degress celcious summer heat taking down and restoring the old porch at the same time as I build on a private furniture which has to be conjured away in the same room as the Woven Heart Art Museum.

Artbook publication in USA has been exposed several times. It is now 2-4 months delayed and my husband couldn´t get his vacation postponed and I can´t move my professional bookings, so now we are spending our first 3 weeks summer holliday in 5 years  Tisvildeleje working and waiting..... Art book publishers also in last minute have regretted their choise of artworks. So while rebuilding the old porch I have had a new mail conversation with them, because they wanted some other artworks for the publication than first agreed, as I through my heavy artistically development of 7 new illustration lines in 2015 from being an abstract painter to becoming a naturalistic painter and drawer has done something nobody has done before me in art history. So 4/5 of the chosen abstract artworks for the artbook have been changed.

Woven Heart Art "Elvis Prestley Portrait" (2010) is not included any longer. Instead artworks:

- "Lotus Genie" (2015)  (juried exhibition in Paris 2015, illustration Line 3, orientally line),

- "Etruscan Chariot," (2015) exhibited at Museo Archeologico di Olbia, June 2015).(Old ancienthistory black / white illustration line. (Illustration Line 4)

-  and "Panico Pompei1" right now at travelling exhibition in  Italy, (Old ancient history coloured illustration line)

has now found their way to the artbook publications, which had gone into production, when these changes were done by editors. New pics from other new (old) abstract artworks (Det Store maskefald 1+2, 2010). A new artist statement, new artist biology were created in last minute.

Stressing, but the delay was also a blessing in disguise, because while I have received 2 awards, talked to the artbook publishers in USA, and rebuild an old porch, Danish doctors also have started a longer investigation on my health dued to symptomes discoved 1 1/2 week before my museum award trip to Milan, and this medical investigation, treatment, eventually surgery and recovery will go on maybe for some months, up to a year or longer.

Till now they have found a water cyst placed between my heart an lung, explaining why I am so tired all the time and 2 lymph nodes in my left armpit. Additional scannings and medical examinations is right now going on and will be scheduled through this summer. Dued to this news and lack of personal energy I need to prioriate, slow down for a period and focus on / increase my finishing of my own artistically projects, shortening my normal "to-do"-lists.

Therefore, with immediate effect I have decided that all my international artistically activity within the next 1 1/2 year until next autumn (2017) will be put on hold, giving me an opportunity to get my health treated, time to recovery and fullfill my artistically projects in Denmark.

This means: No travelling outside Denmark, no new art entries to biennales, jured exhibitions, travelling exhibitions or museum exhibitions in other countries will be done the next 1 1/2 year, as I need to rest more and prioriate what I invest / spend my life, energy and time on.

No life threatening disorders are found till now, so all my other normal creative activities including creating art for Galleri Octopus Art, creating art orders for customers and collectors, creating and sending out new designs for Design by Lisbet Lark, The Woven Heart Art Museum exhibition Oct-Dec and writing text orders for my German editors will continue as agreed by contracts.

As a self-employed person I am the director of my own life. So sorry, I have to cut back somewere.  Right there, where the disadvantages outweigh the benefits and impact on my health most negative. Right there, where stress, planning (or other people´s lack of planning and organizing) and a lot of extra logistic,  practically work and unforessen events shows up in my life ...

- which I by the way also need the time and opportunity to reconsider.

Also my sleeping pattern has been turned up-side-down, because of tiredness related to illness. I don´t sleep 8 hours and am awake 16 hours. It is more the other way around right now. So I need to adjust my activity level, and make it fit into the number of avake hours, starting by putting my international artistically career on hold for 1 1/2 year, sorry, but:

I am just a human being.

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden