Still alive.

 Stolen artwork: "Recycling at Town Specialist3" miniature  10 cm x 15 cm, by Lisbet Lark 2015, signed "Lark ´15, Copenhagen."  Owner: The permanent art collection of The Goriska Museum, Kromberk Castle, Slovenia.

I´m still alive

feeling almost dead.

Had a terrifying experience

June 14th

which no one can heal

except myself.

I almost passed away

disappeared away from this world

for a while

in heavy pain

during a for other people

harmless medical test.

Went into shock afterwards

and a personal crisis

which I´m still in.

Why ???????

Why did it happen?

I don´t know.

Inner chaos.

Fellings just underneath my surface.

Don´t know when I´ll get over it

or if I´ll get over it.

I just try to survive as a human being.

Mobilizing all my mentally energy

on not being afraid

next time somebody puts

a drop in me

and add me something at the hospital.

1 week later

a simple blood test

were taken

and just by the sight of the neddle

I got a

breathless melt down

from flashbacks

to my experience June 14th.

I need to give myself space

for healing my trauma in my own way

and getting my inner peace back.

Somebody once told me

that the first 5 minutes

of a human being´s life

are the worse of life...

I can assure you

that the last 5 minutes

of life 

are not too funny either...

In the light of this

horrifying experience

I think it was a

very good idea to listen to my body

and have a 1 1/2 year long break 

in my international artistically career

starting in May, going on

until Autumn / end of 2017.

But it is just a short break in my international artistically career I have lots of years left as an artist.

Once when I have pulled the poor rests of me together, as soon as I am able  to concentrate again I will continue creating art.

Dued to tiredness, medically tests and treatments at hospitals in Copenhagen area on everydays, Galleri Octopus Art in Tisvildeleje is open in weekends untill Sept 30th for serious art buyers and art collectors who has mailed or called for an appointment on beforehand. I need you to make an appointment, as I also need my awake time to plan and finish art exhibition and furniture building for my exhibition at The Woven Heart Art Museum, Julehjertemuseet, which starts in Oct 2016. 

Lisbet Lark.

NB: If you have seen my "Art and Science Award"- artwork, "Casa Utopica1",which was exhibited at Museo D´Arte E Scienza in Milan, Italy in May, please, bring it back to me. It belongs to Gallery Octopus Art. 

News July 2nd 2016: Artwork "Casa Utopica1" located in Italy and contact to sender / shipper established. Thank you.

NB, NB: If you have seen one of my other Award Artworks, "Recycling At Town Specialist 3" (Picture at top of this blog), please, send it to the legally owner of the artwork, the art collection of the Goriska Museum at Cromberk Castle in Slovenia. Artwork is a part of 3 artworks and it disappeared during its journey from Denmark to Slovenia summer 2015. If you see it, just put it anonymeously into the nearest mailbox, and it will find way to it´s legal owner itself.


Del siden