Recovering-building up-sculpturing

Hello to a lot of new readers in connection to artbook publication, "Current Masters, vol2" from WWA publication house in USA.

In that book I am portraited as an illustrator and painter. It describes my artistically development from abstract to naturalistic. If you haven´t already found out, I am also creating art within a lot of other medias.

I am a multi-faceted artist in any way you can imagine.

That means that sometimes I spend my time drawing and painting, and in other periods of my life I spend my time writing as a professional author writing texts for a German publisher. Sometimes I create music, and in other periods I create paper art, and within all that I create furniture craft and work as a designer.

I use to exhibit outside Denmark, but right now I am recovering from a anaphylactic shock including a heart attack June 14th in relation to a medically test at a hospital in DK. I still have to be tested for a long time during the upcoming winter. Actually, I still haven´t been testet yet for the symptoms I was put into the hospital as an outpatient for. So you have jumped into my life as an artist in a period where I am working with my own projects trying to keep up and survive as an ill artist.

For the last 2 months I have been working on an off on a big piece of furniture craft. VERY BIIIG! So big and heavy that I can´t handle it myself and need my nice husband to help me lift it and move it around.

Dued to fatigue and  illness, and the deadline of this furniture project Sept 30th 2016, my art production of new artworks for this galleri has been set on hold since June 14th this year.

I am slowly getting better, don´t sleep so much as I did last month, but it still limits my work and production, in addition to the fact that being a multi-faceted artist also limits my production within all my different kinds of art.

I have to prioriate. I try to get back on track to my normal acivity level keeping myself occupied during the day with other kinds of artistcally work which has a deadline / contract. I only have one head and two hands and 24 hours a day like erevybody else to create everything in, that means a limited production within all the artistically medias I master.

Mentally I am trying to recover from the bad experience, too. I´m writing. I love to write. What you might not expect is, that I am not writing about this almost deadly experience. I am writing in order to get away from it, to move my mentally focus away in a healthy way.

I am working right now as a freelance author for my German publisher, writing articles and texts about a lot of tourist destinations all over Europe and USA.

- and I LOVE it!

I don´t know for sure, when new artworks will arrive in this gallery, but I know they gradually will, when I have finished this big piece of furniture craft.

Anyway, thank you SO much for still sending me calls for art entries for international museum exhibitions and biennales and so on. I certainly will look at them when I get more energy and awake time during the day, and when I have finished this big lovely projects.

 Best regards

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden