Fresh and fit for fight

.... - Meanwhile in the middle of my life.......

I have never felt more great or stronger than here after my hyperparathyreoidism sugery Oct 24th 2016. No kidney stone attacks since that day, 8-10 hours of sleep every night, better concentration, lots of energy and deep inner calmness. No bad symptomes left, even my eyes have become better!

5 days after the surgery my exhibition at The Woven Heart Art started and picture is from that day, Oct 29th 2016. 2 days later I had a photoshoot as a Christmas model and an interview at The Woven Heart Art Museum. So now I am relaxing under my "tree" ceiling painting at home, trying to do absolutely nothing. I was told to stay calm for 2-3 months afterwards and do nothing while my body finds its own rhythm after removing a hormone producing adenom in my neck. Plaster is still visible also on the photo.

Doing nothing is a big challenge for me, as I normally am very active and get new ideas all the time. Almost impossible to keep inactive, when you feel great and your new life is full of opportunities! Also difficult to stay inactive, when you have trained your body to top condition up to the surgery. I miss my walks and runs!

Mentally, I spend my time coming to terms with all I the traumas I have been through during this illness, using them as inspiration for new artworks. A lot of sketches appears on my sketch pad.

Life is great!

When I have been able to create myself an artistically life like this with an energy draining body destructive disease growing in me for the last 20 years, I can only imagine which life is waiting for me now!

Best regards

Lisbet Lark. 

Del siden