Once apon a time...

.... there was a little girl being terribly bullied at school. Not because she was stupid, ´cause she wasn´t, just because of jealousy and that she went her own alternative ways from the beginning. She was a lonely wolf, never accepted in groups and learned that if you survive that, you either go down or get stronger. She had an inborn desocializing energy draining disease nobody found when she was child and young, because nobody was interested in helping her. She got a life up the hill.

But nobody had promised her an easy life from beginning, so she used her creativity to survive, followed her heart and her passions. Nobody helped her, nobody believed in her and nobody gave her a chance or damn, when she started an artistically career in a small cold shelter in the middle of nowhereland and even called herself "an artist, " except for the one good choice of her life: Her prince, whom she exceptionally met early in this fairytale, and he supported her from day one when they met.

Actually, everybody else laughed at her, she was an abstract painter and everybody taunted her for her lack of artistically skills when it came to painting or drawing someting recognizable. "You are nothing and you will stay being nothing, " they said. But after being a bully victim for 10 years in primary school it went into one ear and out of the other. She didn´t care, and from that day she decided to make the ultimative sweet revenge and made herself an end in view: She would taught herself how to draw and paint naturalistic, better than all of them together hoping to make these mean people shut up.

At the age of 51, seven years later, her artistically career topped with several museum exhibitions, juried exhibitions, international awards, top international recognition for developing 6 new naturalistic illustration lines. Then, FINALLY somebody took her health complaints serious and send her to hospital treatment. After going through another pain hell, she had a surgery, which turned her life up-side-down as so many times before, but this time it was a positive experience: She was cured from a disease which she could have died slowly from.

 After that during her convalescence she sat under her self-created magnolia tree with self-created cup of tea in her self-created life and red some of her childhood favourite fairytales from Brothers Grimm just for relax and entertainment. She found them VERY inspirering. An old childhood dream illustrating one of them or a whole collection of Grimm´s fairytales were waken to life.

She started drawing some horse leggs, then some horse heads and suddenly she din´t just have one A4 illustration, but several for the original version of the Grimm fairytale "The Frog-Prince."

"What to do about them?" She thought....




... - and yes I will pas her question on to you, dear Blog- reader:

What to do about these Grimm illustrations of mine?

Do you or I know anybody who want to help me create a happy end to this story?,...

Maybe you need my illustrations for a publication?

I hope so. Picture is from the beginning of my first illustration with faith Heinrich and his 8 horse cariage. 

Nice regards

Lisbet Lark

NB: I am a lucky potato. My prince never was a frog.

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