Ex. Museum of Broken Relationships Rundetårn, Copenhagen

Who could imagine that one´s old travelling dairy from a trip to Norway with one´s ex in 1988 handwritten and filled with notes and illustrations could be interesting for anybody?

- and why do I keep a thing like that, when I am happily married on 20th year with my 2nd husband?

I didn´t know, why I brought this dairy with me, when I left my 1st husband with 2 small ill and disabled children and some laundry in 1988. Also, I didn´t know why I left him, I just knew I had to. I didn´t know until I sat down some months ago reading my dairy for the 1st time since our divorce and in a few words should express the reason to this broken relationship, which should be written on the exhibition label next to this item. 19 years after the break it only took me 5 minutes to get a general view over my chaotic situation then, find the reason to the break, which could be expressed in a short poem in a Danish and English version, which is now following my travelling diary, each time it is on show with Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia.

I have dragged this heavy yoke after me for 20 years without knowing WHY. My travelling dairy has survived cleaning ups during 10 later relocations and nobody has claimed it elsewhere. My early art- and author work is from a time of my life where it was easier to bring with me a heavy block like this than carrying a COMMODORE64 in my Fjällräven backsack on a trip to Nordcap in Norway, and for 19 years I haven´t been able to throw it out. But during my long illnes the last year I needed to clean up my life and I felt that it was time to let it go together with my traumas from this relationship, - and what a relief to have a place to park it! 

Therefore, my old travelling dairy is now a part  Museum of Broken Relationships´ permanent collection, and when the museum exhibition in Round Tower Copenhagen (RUndetårn) ends at Jan 17th 2017, it travels on with the museum back to Zagrab or Los Angeles in USA.

Thank you very much to the Croatic Enbassy in DK for the invitation to a great preview in Rundetårn Friday Nov 18th.

Best reagards

Lisbet Lark.

NB: To all other of my blog readers: It´s a very good exhibition. You should go and see it. Food for thoughs...

NB, NB: If You want to know more about me, and you understand Danish, there is a 3 pages big portrait interview with me as a wife, writer, artist and woven heart artist from the Woven Heart Art Museum (Julehjertemuseet) in a Danish weekly magazine called "Ugebladet SØNDAG" this week (47).

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