Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2016-2017!

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

After 2 well -visited months of exhibition at the Woven Heart Art Museum we closed Sunday. It has been a hard season and year for me, because I am still in hospital treatment, so now it´s time for relax, .. - or at least it should be.

I have a world wide Valentine´s Day card publication coming up, so I am NOT bored. Actually, I am busy this Christmas and new Year getting it ditributed in lots and wholesale. Please, feel free to contact me if you are interested in dealing them.

Subject is front of my woven Heart Art "The Swineherd" and sale of it is supporting getting a bigger and better localition for The Woven Heart Art Museum than the private apartment in Tisvilde, as both the The Woven Heart Art Museum, Galleri octopus Art, Design By Lisbet Lark the author Lisbet Lark, and I myself have grown out of the 23 available beautiful squareetres in the fishing city.

The next couple of months I am looking forward to some relax and hollidays, maybe even a vacation possibility will show up before March 2017 where I have to continue my examinations and treatments at 2-3 Copenhagen Hospitals.

Some people have asked me what I eat for Christmas when I am on liquid food.

Blended duck.

It tastes almost as good as it looks. 😙

Seen from above my 2016 was a great year for me:

2 art awards outside DK: 1 at The Goriska Museum in Slovenia, which has 2 of my artworks in their permanent collection, and then I got The Art- and Science Award 2016 in Milano at Museo d´Arte E Scienza, in The Bonacossa Palace in Milano, both awards within the same week in May 2016.

In USA some people meant that I should be portraited in the big artbook, "Current Masters, vol2". It was published i July this year, but here I was... too ill to participate in the reception. My Woven Heart Art "Elvis Prestley portrait" should have been included in this publication, but just before the book was printed the editors decided to change it and in stead they included my early abstract artworks, my old ancient history illustrations and my orientally illustrations, that is, describing my artistically development from abstract to naturalistic together with an interview with me.

In exhibition area I have relaxed a little bit this year, I have only had 4 museum exhibítions this year + the one I have at the Woven Heart Art Museum, ie 5 counted in 2016.

Besides my artistically career I also have one as a prof text writer in Germany, where I this year have got 120 sales texts publiced in 10 different languages about travelling and holliday destinations and sight all over Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe, South America and USA. All together a great working year, when you compare it to my long illnes periods this year.

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrates that and Happy New Year!

Lisbet Lark

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