Time for considerations.

The only thing which is sure right now

is that nothing is for sure

concerning art exhibitions and me this year.

After several museum exhibitions and juried exhibitions outside Denmark the last few years and a lot of bad luck in my private life, a turbulent destiny, I need to spend more time in future in my childhood city, Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, together with my family and not pendle 60 kms in order to get to my gallery in Tisvildeleje, whose 23 sqm including toilet, bath, kitchen and slepping facilities is too small for all my artistically activities, too.

I am tired of and with that.

I have grown out of it.

So something new HAS to happen this year.

So something new WILL happen this year.

In 2016 I reached the highest level of internationally artistically recognition, an artist can get. Thank you very much.

So now I need to focus on getting artistically jobs and exhibitions in Copenhagen area, and I also need to spend some time working on decorating mine and my husband´s secret escape in Copenhagen. A place, where I can be me on my own terms and not just some to me strange people´s  standby "holliday experience."

It has been hard for me being that during a long period last year, when my own health was not at the top and I was the one, who needed other people´s care and consideration without getting it.

2 1/2  months after my surgery I am fresh and healthy capable of working, thinking clearly, concentrating, no pains in my sceleton, joints and muscles any more, sleeping the whole night through. No restless nights any more. I never thought I could have so much calmness inside me. Calmness enough to reconsider a lot of my priorities, because I still feel fragile. Life is short and fragile.

I need to lean back and relax for some time in order to consider what to do with the rest of my life. Fortunately, I am the manager of my own life, so if I need a break in my life and to "disappear" for a while I can do it without asking anybody.

Maybe I will, maybe I won´t.

Time will show.

So in 2017, you will still be able to watch me do, what you don´t do.

Best regards

Lisbet Lark 

Del siden