A broad hint.

Maybe I should have stayed at home.

Maybe I shouldn´t.

I haven´t been written about my award trip to Genova, because some things happened there and on board the 2000 km flight journey back home to Denmark via Paris which made me think. If you can´t find anything positive to write, you shouldn´t be writing about it at all. So I won´t, except for the fact that sometimes things happen in your life which you can interpret as a broad hint. 

I got a foretaste on the springtime, warmer weather for some days and some beautifully pictures from 6 km´s hight above the earth, at least until....

What happened to me op there, when I was fixed by a belt to seat 6A in a flight, made what happened during the ceremony turn pale. Then I have expressed it in a very nice way.

Since the trip I have been coming to terms with my experiences on it and I came to the conclusion, that it was a huge broad hint.

A broad hint that in the future I should stay on earth in stead of flying. There is an old proverb saying such as: "If  Muhammad can´t come to the mountain, the mountain has to come to Muhammad."- and the other way around.

I think I will practise that. You will have to come to me in Copenhagen instead of the other way around, we have big arenas and auditoriums here, too, and you will have to do it, when I am ready and when it suits my health and me and not the other way around.

If you have anything "to give" me, you will have to show up in Copenhagen and give it to me here as you are the one of us who have the need "to give" something away, and then for Gods sake remember this time to bring it with you to Copenhagen, otherwise your expensive flight trip would be in vain. Money you could have spent on your missing bath or toilet at home or on glad experiences. On the other hand it wouldn´t be my problem.

- And when will I be availabe in Copenhagen, then?

You might have noticed in the above mentioned that I have some entrepreneur work going on in my very small private home.  Dued to lack of space, not being presentable and the fact that for security reasons nobody else let strangers into their private homes in Copenhagen, it won´t be possible to visit me there. I also need some privacy and some time off, not to be "on" and public all the time.

Therefore, I am looking for somewhere else to show my art and I have decided to go all out for getting into an existing concept where it is natural that my art shop is not open all year around. I need to and I am looking forward to developing and adjusting myself, my artistically universe and my own concept into this place and in coorperation with this place during the upcoming summer, if they will let me in. Some people have been asking me, where it is. I will publish that when I have all the permissions, certificates and clearings ready and when I have signed a contract with this place, - and not before.

I also need peace, time to heal and relax and time to create my art and designs and I only can "run one programe at  a time". So I have no scheduled summer art exhibitions in 2017 for the time being, which is very unusaual for a Danish artist, but I am also a very unusual artist with a very unusual life. I am planning my next art exhibition "Med lup og blyant" to take place somewhere in central Copenhagen in autumn in week 42, 43 and 44. 

Best regards

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden