Wet room mural painting in progress

No, I am not in Italy.

No, I am not in Tisvildeleje any more.

Actually, I am living and working as an artist in Copenhagen, making some small gray boring bathroom, 0,9 m x 1,1m into a unique "castle" style bathroom , using my flora/ fauna illustration line (Illustration Line 5), which I have not presented anywhere yet, as I haven´t send it in for any art juries yet.

4 walls and a roof has to be decorated with small brushes size 0,1 cm - 0,5 cm and I am still  a nerdy perfectionist. Details, details, details... At least 1000 different leaves have to be created, .... - a very green experience to be me right now.

I almost miss to draw an old ancient history illustration with a vulcanic eruption and suffering people for an Italian archaeologically museum just to make sure that I can still create them.

But I need time for relaxation and deepen myself in nature illustrations, too. I love nature, and now I am installing permanent summer / springtime in this room.

For almost 1 month I have been working on it coorperating / planning my work with plumbers and other worksmen, who have taken down the old pipes / mixer, while I have painted behind the pipes, and installed golden water pipes and mixer / rainforest shower for a "French - English" bathroom. It is an enormeous artwork, some of it is in 2,73 meters hight on ladders in uncomfortable body positions. As I am allergic to all wet paintings on the market I wear protection rubber gloves, protection respirator face piece and protection clothes when I am painting. Hot! I am glad it´s not 35 degrees celsious summer in Denmark right now. Need to get it all off once an hour and have a break! 

This is the reason, I don´t have a spring- or summer art exhibition anywhere this year. Because the time I need for creating that, I spend on this project instead.

After a hard year since I got The Art and Science Award in Milano spring 2016, I only do work right now which makes me happy, and I enjoy creating this big mural painting, though I am only able to work on it for 1-2 hours a day. Artwork progresses as planned, and should be finished end of April. 

My next art exhibition is planned to take place in week 42, 43 and 44 2017, a miniature art exhibition I hope to get at a special place in the central Copenhagen, which I love. Therefore, this private collector artwork, a wet room mural paintng, 273cm x 94cm x 110cm won´t be on show. 

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden