Feeel Goood!


I almost forgot the keyword for this blog.

 Don´t worry!

I feel good. Never felt better, actually.

A lot of people here in Denmark laughed at me when I pronounced that I would create a combined miniature art, miniature crafts and miniature design exhibition in a mixed atelier / gallery somewhere in the city of Copenhagen. But now that we have published that it will be at Tivoli, a calm, beautiful and quiet corner of Copenhagen, and my event website www.miniaturevaerkstedet.dk has reached over 1000 uniques visitors, nobody laughs anymore. Except for me. I ENJOY my working with this event and I am looking forward to meet you all in Copenhagen. 

All medically heath care examinations and "maybe"- surgeries in my gullet has been postponed till after I have been in Tivoli, making it possible for me to concentrate 100% on creating arts and crafts for this exhibition. I am even planning an extraordinary opening event, which will soon be published: 

I haven´t sent anything in / out for international art juries in 2017, museum exhibitions or travelling exhibitions because I wanted to focus  100% on creating this new workshop- and exhibition concept of mine.

I have never had so much fun in my life. This way of working is just "me." Working this way having a production- and flexible private period by myself followed by an "being on 12 hours a day" period fits perfectly into my private life and health rigth now, as I am not the type who needs to be "on" all the time. I love creating my own new little imaginary world and the coorperation with the Tivoli-people until now, too.

On beforehand, I couldn´t help creating and new artworks and designs all the time, I get new ideas all the time and finally I have come into a very creative supporting surrounding concept in DK, where it is OK to get funny ideas and be an original.

It is much better to be a good original than being a bad copy, so everything in my Miniatureværkstedet in Tivoli will be created by my hands and unique. 

I feel like a fish in the water!

Best wishes

 Lisbet Lark

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