Paper art event "Blood Moon" in Miniatureværkstedet in Tivoli, Copenhagen

The night before September 28th 2015 I had an amazing experience. The alluring moon over Copenhagen was hugh, and the red orange light from it was flickering from the shadows when bats and other flying objects passing it in the starry night. 

Whatching it, I knew that some day very near, my life would be turned up-side down, I also knew that I one day would use this beautiful calming experience as an inspiration for new artworks. 

- and I will: During the first 4-5 days of my exhibition "Med lup og Blyant" in my live workshop and miniature gallery, Miniatureværkstedet, in Tivoli in Copenhagen, I will hand cut  og create 200 pieces of different  unique paper art mini candles light bags and try to recreate the calming magic atmosphere and spirit from that particular night. 

You can read more about this live event of mine here:

Also International Associations of Paper Makers and Paper Artists have written about my paper art event, "Blood Moon" in Tivoli:

My miniature art exhibition "Med Lup og Blyant"  in Tivoli includes both my paper art (crafts), my miniature fine arts down to scale 1:12 paintings and as someting very new, my handmade mini- and miniature crafts world, which you find more about here:

The exhibition will be followed by no less than 6 new art card publications with some of my 11 illustration lines and crafts, cards for almost all occations, all for sale from my litlle cottages in Tivoli.

I will create and handmade my mini candle light bags with different bats, witches in different ages, shapes and personalities and maybe a scull or two for a variation in my working process. All of them will be for sale in my small cottage, Miniatureværkstedet, in the village next to the Pantomime theatre. 

After 20 years with a disiase making it almost impossible for me to concentrate with other people around me, I had a life turning surgery last year.  I am now giving myself this ultimate concentration challenge creating a quiet "Slow Corner" in the middle of 500.000 visitors in the old garden, where it is possible to deepen and go forrest baby hunting in the underwood. It could be a perfect activity for family members who are afraid of Halloween, maybe while other family members are visiting the new attraction in the Tivoli Gardens: Det Hjemsøgte Børnehjem. (The hauntedchildren´s home).

When you visit Miniatureværkstedet, please, bring your own magnifying glasses!

You can also follow my activities in Tivoli on Miniatureværkstedets FACEBOOK-page:

Some people are worried about about payment possibilities in such a small cottage. Well, don´t worry! We have almost all kinds of modern card payment installed and right now I am also working on getting Mobile Pay.

Also some people have asked me where to find me on the Culture Night in Copenhagen, Oct 13th 2017, with free admission at all museums in Copenhagen, if you have a Culture Night Pass.

Well, see you in Tivoli!

Best regards Lisbet Lark.

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