Going Halloween!

More than 500 visitors have now got the short but nice version of my artist CV in Miniatureværkstedet in Tivoli. Thank you for visiting me, my 2 art  exhibitions and my miniature gallery and my atelier at Tivoli, Copenhagen!

Actually, it now also has ended up in a movie created by a dedicated Danish photo journalist Klaus Moe on INSTAGRAM, together with some of my 400 hand crafted different unique witch tealight candle light bags:

Thank you very much, Klaus Moe.

It inspired my to create an INSTAGRAM profile myself, called: @larklisbet

where you from now can follow me create art almost anywhere from sitting freezing on a bale of straw in Copenhagen to .....yes, where to next? ........ - If you sit with my artist CV from Tivoli in your hands, first of all : Thank you for visiting me!

I am honored that some of you have travelled all the way from Lillehammer in Norway, Sydney in Australia, USA, Schwitzerland, South Africa an China, just in order to meet me and my art in original surroundings, my humble atelier where almost everything on this web-site created the last few years has been created. Also, I feel priviledged having visits from all kinds of people from very famous singers and actors to grandma´s with their grandchildren, parents,  and miniaturists. Customers at age 6 years old to 90. Well Done in such a small cottage!

Weather or not I will come back to Tivoli next year, I don´t know for sure. Depends on you. If you sit with my artist CV in your hands and you would like me to create a miniature art exhibition in your city next summer or autumn, please, contact me know through the contact page of this wensite.

It takes me 1/2- 1 year to create an exhibition in the same professional artistically quality as in Tivoli and to fit it perfectly into YOUR surroundings. There are some limits: I don´t sit creating art outside in all kinds of weather and I don´t have energy to be present at the exhibition 14 hours a day, but otherwise I am ready for negotiations with other exiting places for next autumn. 

Meanwhile, I do as earlier announced: Begin sending out my miniatures for art juries. I have a limited art production as I am a multi-faceted artist, and there are not much places or juried exhibitions in Denmark for miniature art, so I only make entries for special miniature exhibitions where the juries wants to see art from an artist who has developed 11 naturalistic illistration lines from being an abstract painter. There are some out there. A few. More than I can reach to mobilize or make art for, actually, but at least I try.

While I have been at Tivoli, 2 of my newest miniature artworks, which I created and sent out of Denmark in early October, has reached their destination on the other side of the Earth. A museum exhibition in Argentina, where they as far as I know now are ready for a serious theme exhibition from the end of November.  Impacting artworks, you know, some illustrating hard hurting feelings and actions, which are difficult to express on art...  I havde done it again..... Done something, you just don´t do or show as a woman.... So when my solo exhibitions in funny Tivoli,  "Blood Moon" and "Med Lup og Blyant," with the satire posterwork of mine, ends on Sunday Nov 5th. 2017, and have to leave the front page of gallerioctopusdart.dk heading for the meny item "Other Exhibitions," the  administrators of this web-site become busy re-designing our front page.

We simply switch over to Argentina and a very serious world-wide problem.... Quickly...

Best wishes

Lisbet Lark.

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