Domestic doings...

You can reach a lot if you do a little each day.

A little is better than nothing.

I can´t stand.

I can´t walk.

I can´t eat normally.

- but I can  do a little every day to get on with my life and make it easier.

I can sit and work. 

I can think positive thoughts.

During this illness period of mine, where it some days is almost impossible for me to get out of my apartment, I have the perfect opportunity to finish and realize a lot of my pieces of unfinished furniture crafts ideas and house decorating in my private home.

During the 4 years we have had this small apartment of ours since a flood in our earlier home, I have always found a good reason to spend my creativity on something else than making my dream of a beautiful home come true and finish my house decorating and rebuilding of this old fashioned small apartment. Things were done, when I had nothing else to do and when we had saved the money for it. 

But now where I practically seems to be nailed to my home by my health for some years, I have prioriated working on it, a little bit each day. This changed attitude of mine this winter has payed a good dividend, giving me the memories and travelling experiences I miss, in my own home instead:

  • My new toilet - and bathroom has been finished after 2 years nightmare without a normal functioning bathroom and toilet. "My home is my castle" - style. It has become gordeous! - and it makes me glad to watch!
  • I have created new alternative loft lamps from an old paper artwork "Magic Carpet" which has been et the Sofia Paper Art Biennale and at a juried exhibition in England. Afterwards it has spend some years in a plastic box in a storage room, where we have moved it around some times. Should it stay there for the rest of my life? Or should I activate it as an asset and give it a new life with a function? Yes! I have given my butterflies a new life. Now they are living under a ceiling of mine
  • New power has been done by electricians all over our apartment as there were leaks in the old one.
  • New and quicker television net has been installed though I don´t own a television myself. Don´t have time for watching it. I don´t need to be entertained. I can entertain myself. But now it is there just in case I should change my mind.
  • The beautiful polished granite plates from the floor of my earlier exhibition place, Kulturhulen, are right now becoming new tiles on the wall of my kitchen. The old ones were broken.

So I am working on my home a little bit each day, keeping it in repair and I get a lot further than I had expected! 

For me recycling always has been natural. When I can use my recycling design abilities putting up my precious memories around me, it heals me. I feel present. I feel the positive experiences  of my life are appearing for me each time I come into a room where my memories are a part of the decoration and  it makes me glad.

Artistically my health has forced me to slow down.

Therefore, I am waiting for some answers from some juries, before I continue creating new art or sending in new entries. No more simultaneous entries to juried exhibitions and museum exhibitions.

I will not stress myself just to suit other people.

It is winter time and February is my time off for domestic doings.

Time off for inner absorbtion.

Time for change.

Best regards

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden