Tight-rope walking.

This time it took me 4 painful months to get going again. Theraphists had given up on my feet at New Year, but I have succeeded in developing and creating my own artificial heel limbs, which I am walking short distances on now. It takes me a lot of time creating them each time I need a new pair, and I also need to spend some time developing a summer version, but they are worth it, I think.

About 3 weeks ago I let my crutches go for this time. I am not the type who is waisting my time so 2 days after, Feb 27th I was picked up by a taxa and driven to the Library of Gentofte in Copenhagen where my artwork "Tit" was on a very short 1- evening show and used as an illustration for a talk in Øregaardssalen by the French- Danish art historian and cat behavior expert, Michelle Garnier. 

Thank you very much for a nice evening... - and sorry for coughing so much. 

 .... New chemically allergy developed = new astma attacks... 

Some answers have arrived, and it doesn´t look good for my expected art exhibition activity in Denmark. Despite the fact that I am born, raised and grounded in Copenhagen for health reasons the next 8 1/2 years, I don´t feel bound to deliver exhibitions in Denmark at all, as I am getting no financial support at all from founds or the art society here in DK.... and I am sorry: No money .. No cookies or free entertainment.

I live in a small narrow- minded Jantelovsbefængt nepotistic land (sorry this word doesn´t exist in English) with a potential art talent crowd of 6.000.000 people, where they can´t see mine, ......  and dued to my health I cannot go to a land with a potential talent crowd of 325.000.000 people and much more competition about the places on the international juried exhibitions, but where it is difficult for me to be ignored. 


Actually, I am trying to built up a new life on my new health conditions. Hopefully they are not permanent, but 8 years are a long time of a life of an active artist life like mine to be denied to exhibit in my own country with my artist CV, when my physically survival depends on living next to a certain Copenhagen hospital with expert help, and renting business rooms in Copenhagen for an exhibition is too expensive. I guess some of you thought, that I would not survive that. But just wait and see. What I don´t have in my legs and body, I have between my ears.

So this year I have for the first time during my 9 years long artistically career decided not to create art exhibitions in Denmark, as I the rest of this year have  2 private apartments in Copenhagen to decorate with art and design, wall - paintings, ceiling paintings, hand-crafted stucco and so on. Sorry, they won´t be public available when I am finished. But that is the consistency of my situation, and actually I love it! I love this anonymeous life of mine in DK.

I have no deadlines on these big ceiling- or wall artworks, so I have started to learn myself standing on my toes on a stair and paint.

 So now I stand on my deformed fore-feet on a stair and paint! 😀

Thank God , one is not overweight!

Working like this gives me the needed flexibility to create my own liquid food for my paralized gullet and take care of my health during work.

It looks like my miniature artwork, "Boy at the Balloons," has arrived in USA, but today I still miss a receipt that he has been delivered to the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, Minnesota, USA, selected for a juried art exhibition, April 27th - May 18th 2018. Thanks a lot for selection, and for the founds and volunteer work that make this exhibition possible. Wellcome to a lot of new blog- readers from Minnesota! I hope my little boy will do my work for me overthere.

 More about this artwork in my next blog.

Best regards Lisbet Lark.

Del siden