Protest Action!

"You are only a victim, if you see yourself as a victim." 

Lisbet Lark, July 2018.

In the month of June, unfortunately, I experienced that one of my art collectors in public pratically gave away one of my few big early abstract artworks, "Det Store Maskefald2" through a Danish auction house, because he, who bought it from me in 2010, had no longer room for it dued to a private movement of his. As far as I know the auction house didn´t even set a minimum price and they didn´t announce the artwork for sale among their art collectors as they do with other artworks.

 When a thing like this happen you are standing back totally shocked, smashed, null and void, because this negligence from other people devalues you as a human being and as an artist.  I am now valued a big ZERO. Thanks for that! It will take me a long time to find my inner energy and new opportunites to come back, if I ever will succeed in that in this sick system.

Very demotivating. I feel that everything I have built up through my 9 years as a professional artist has been damaged in a few seconds.  At least, I don´t have to worry about how or where to celebrate my 10 years anniversary in 2019 as a professional artist, because I feel smashed... - and who cares about it??? .... Nobody!

But congratulations to you who have done a very good investment. I hope you love  and care for this painting as much as I did. It is a beautiful and happy painting. 

With my comprehensive international recognition it is quite out of place by a professional auction house to treat me like that in my native country! .... Why???? ...... Somebody once said to me that a good artist in Denmark is a dead  artist. If you have an opinion about anything as an artist, you have no value in Denmark and get no exhibitions here, too. You are being treated like you don´t exist. At least if you have the wrong opinions they won´t let you in, and for Gods sake: Don´t even think of starting a blog like this, if you are an artist in DK. You will be discriminated if you use your legal democratically rights to write it.

You have no value as an artist in Denmark. As an artist you are completely abandoned by this disrespect from both the seller and this amateur auction house. After this humiliating treatment and Jantelov- economically downrating, other potential customers act like gipsies and expect to get my artworks almost for free,  at the same time as they expect me to be able to do on my own without any kind of economically support in Denmark at all. Those 2 pieces of the puzzle simply don´t fit together.

Therefore, I have here in July on unlimited time as a protest action chosen one by one to move away my remaining abstract artworks which are still for sale, from this public web-site. Away from the investment speculators money art business mashine. Gradually, my abstract artworks will be moved away, and their pic´s will be changed to a pink plate under item "Abstract" in the gallery menu. In stead,  they are now showed in real life for a limited audience in a holiday apartment in Copenhagen with no public entrance or announcement.

....- and my own No1 best investment ever? 

Very simple:

It is to  drop investing my time, money and creativity in making art exhibitions in Denmark this year, and just enjoy the summer trying something new and take care of myself instead.

Lisbet Lærke/ Lisbet Lark.

Del siden