Hello Morgan Paper Conservatorie!

Hello all organisers, visitors and volunteers at the exhibitions at Morgan Paper Conservatory, Cleveland, Ohio, USA and welcome to my website!

Normally this blog is in Danish, but since I dont have any exhibitions in Denmark at the moment, but art on 2 different exhibitions, one juried and a traveling at Morgan Conservatory throughout October 2012, I´ve chosen to write this blog in English​​.

Besides being a paper artist, I´m also a painter, drawer, optically illusionist, composer, lyricist, piano player, accordeon player, installation artist, manuskript writer,  short story writer, theater- and film statist / - actress, etc.

The latter and the fact that I have a very ill daughter for the time being unfortunately makes it impossible for me to be present either as a hostess or as an artist in the United States during the paper congress on Morgan in Ohio.

I wish you all a wonderful event and experience and some great networking over there. Although I cannot be in Ohio, I hope anyway you´ll find entertainment with my artworks exhibited on the "SILVER"- and "Watermarks" exhibitions in Cleveland and my artistically universe on this website.

Thank you for cooperation around the exhibits to the organizers and not to forget:

Thanks you very much all volunteers who have worked very hard in the past several weeks to make Morgan Paper Conservatory ready and able to receive thousands of visitors in just a few days, thus making it possible for us artists from all over the world to exhibit in Ohio.

Thank you.

Best regards

International Paper artist,

Member of International Association of Paper Artists and Papermakers, IAPMA,

and Danish multi-faceted artist,

Lisbet Lark.

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden