"Ikke-sikker" / Not safe... ?

Since my last blog  this website ' s domain line by a mistake has been marked with an "Ikke sikker" = "Not safe" by 123hjemmeside.  Off course it is safe to visit this website! They are working on this tecnically problem, so please,  stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I spend some of my time on hospital controls.

Wery depressing turn off creativity environment : Grey. Another gray.  One more grey. Dirty white. Black. Routing colours at the floor means that you look down all the way through the loooooooooooooong hospital building.  They miss some colours on the walls of Hvidovre Hospital, I think. 😀

Lisbet Lark.

Aug. 28th 2018:

Website security done. Trouble solved. More than you can say about my gullet. Still hospitalized. 

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