Fighting for survival.

I MISS The Woven Heart Art Museum, and for me there is no daubt that we will succeed in boulding it up somewhere else. Right now I am convinced that it was the right decision to sell the place in 2017 because right now I feel drained for energy, have shaking eyes, I am dizzy and very tired because I have not had enough to eat and drink for a whole month. I have 2 rare, painful,  invisible and incurable diagnoses, one in my gullet and one in my stomach mouth which mark my body and prevent me from having artistically activities. Kilos are trembling off my body. Thank God I ate some probe preventive kilos on while I could right after my latest experimental surgery Sept 26th. 2018 where the temporary effect now has gone as expected.
During the upcoming week it will be decided whether I will have to go through my 2nd surgery as an experimentally patient or not and if it will be before or after Christmas. I LOVE good food so I am hoping for a sheduled cancellation time before Chrismas, so I can get my surgery and enjoy the Christmas and the delicous food as much as everybody else. Right now I am occupied bringing up my vital digits to the wanted level, such as blood pressure and blood sugar and to keep them there until I have had my eventually surgery which is a huge challenge when I am eating less than a newborn baby.

Merry Christmas!

....- and just one more thing:

Remember to enjoy your life while you can!

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden