A Book About Death illustration. 10 years anniversary of The Islip Art Museum, New York, USA

In a week, Sept 14th 2019, one of my artworks, "Breakfast in the Valley of Svartinge" is being published as an illustration at cards used as a kind of book illustrations at the 10 years anniversary event "A Book About Death, - The last waltz" at The Islip Art Museum in New York, USA. An exhibition concept where the audience write their own books about their feelings, experiences and emotional relation to death and use illustrations from several international artists as inspiration.

My own inspiration for this artwork  is the sudden death caused by other living creatures. Some happen by attacks, some dued to accidents or in a moment where people are not aware of danger.

Those who are might reach to escape.

Those who are not are at risk of a sudden death that almost in all cases bring their families into a huge chock.

In some cultures it is legal to talk about death.

In Denmark death is a taboo.

In contries where halloween is an annual event it is somehow more emotional and social accepted to talk about the death and dead missed relatives which I think is a healthy way to handle death in near family.

Death is a natural part of the life.

The only thing which is for sure  when you celebrate a baby being born is that some day this new little human being will die and activate other peoples feelings about death.

At this exhibition at The Islip Art Museum in New York, USA, the audience has the opportunity to go home and write down their own feelings about death or the death of someone they love by using some art card ilustrations as inspiration and book illustrations.

My artwork, "Breakfast in the Valley of  Svartinge" is one of these artworks and I hope it will bring you closer to your feelings about deaths and inspire you to write.

By the way, Svartinge is a bird habitat at the little beautiful Danish island called Bornholm. You should go there on vacation some day.

The perfect place to think about life and death.

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden