Time pocket

Happy New Year!

...... - Also to those of you who celebrated it at the end of january, especially to those of you who
celebrated it in January, and to those of you whose country is burning.

Really, you need some good and positive vibrations and thoughts sent in your direction.
It is a terrible world we live in.
A terrible situation you are in.

But a small spot on the map cannot keep on trying to save the whole world, being blamed for
what individuals have done and take responsibility for the suffering of the rest of the world.
We can only support you where you are, hope you get back on track quickly.
I hope you all get well soon, have the opportunity to resume your life and go after your
dreams again.

My husband and I have been dreaming and working the last few years to create an opportunity to have more space, where we could both live and work on reduced time,
because we are getting older and I do not have the health to the daily travel 150 - 200km
back and forth by bus and train to get me a proper place with the space needed to do my art. Like other visual artists I need to be able to work when the ideas
and inspiration come. There was no room for it in Copenhagen. So we have completely
renovated our small study apartments we lived in in Copenhagen, sold them and in the fall of 2019 we bought and took over a mini-palace in a kingsvillage in Denmark.


After 1 ½ week we got a big sewer break, had to move our belongings out again until it was repaired, but now we have moved
in again and have started renovating the partly listed building from 1916. Besides the sewer
break, quickly, we realized that the atmospheric house in all its authentic charm offered several unforeseen
renovation, maintenance and renovation tasks, including the replacement of doors, windows and floors, etc.,
before coming up with just a fairly normal standard of living and a presentable interior and exterior.

So we have prioritized that one of us, me, is the co-ordinator of the renovation projects, and therefore my outgoing artistic activities further
diminish for a period, while the other one, my husband, has accepted the 1/3 time driver job he was offered by his employer in this beautiful

We had a horrible start in the house, but the locals and our new neighbors have been exceptionally nice to us, welcomed
us and kept us up when it was worst.

Now we have started with the hall and the entrance in this wonderful time pocket of a villa. My husband wants one of my many sky paintings
6 meters up there under the roof. On the photo shown in this blog, the ceiling painting is not finished yet.
Have to go and finish it!

Lisbet Lark

... Still writing on this  blog, please, visit when I am finished... have some tecnically troubles..

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