The Art of surviving the Corona.

Maybe I am not the biggest influencer of this world.
But I have a blog with 359.869 unique readers all over the world.
A world being broken by the dangerous Coronavirus, which is
spread by human behaviour.
So I feel responsibility to help mitigate this infection.

Across the world, governments have passed regulations to curb
this flu which for some people ends with a subsequent pneumonia.
 There are right now also no antibiotics against the Corona, which
started in China in December 2019, and spread to Europe, where
it has unfortunately created a new epicenter in northern Italy.

Borders have been closed.

People lie in a respirator.

There are not enough respirators.

There are not enough hands in the hospitals.

The caretakers are sick.

There is not enough space and capacity in the crematorium ovens.

- And you?
You´re still partying?
It doesn't hit you, you think?

It hits you 14 days before you can see it.
If it doesn't hit you, it hits the ones you love.

The introverted ones becomes the strong ones
who survive because we do not get in touch
with many people and love being in our own compagny.

The extroverts become the weak ones who are
afflicted simply because the disease infects at
the least close social contact, if you do not follow
the new protective rules of human contact.

Thus, the normal perceptions of attractive personalities
that one can survive by having are changed.
You are currently surviving by NOT being social.

Usually, you are strong when you have family and
many friends around you all the time.
We are usually strongest when we stand together.
Now we have to stand separately to stand together.
You must stand alone to cope with the infection.
Scary to many people.
Your ability to isolate yourself and rest in yourself
becomes crucial to your contact with this infection
and its consequences.

 Therefore, comply with the restrictions of the
authorities in your country.
They are there to protect you and those you love.

Support all the health educated as best you can, because
it will be those who will save the world community.
They are the true heroes of this century. They have to
work right in the middle of the hurricane's eye.
In hospitals where people are most sick with this horrible virus,
they cannot protect themselves by following the precautions
and stay at home unless they are sick themselves.

Think about them.
Be grateful to them.

Thanks to all of you hospital heroes!

- and remember, there will be a good life after this living hell.
We´ll meet there afterwards.

Best regards
Lisbet Lark.

Del siden