A strong intuition.

I have this 6th sence.

A strong intuition.

Opening Denmark now is too early.

We have not reached the top of the 

mountain of the covid19 in Denmark yet.

The terrible boom in intensive care patients

will come now, I think.

Because people met and ate dinner together

during Easter though the authorities

demanded us not to. They don' t care about the risk

groups or people who are still contributing

to the society but cannot survive the Covid19.

All that matters are their own needs. 

Spring. The sun is shining.

Get out with friends and family.

This situation gets the worst up in some people

and the best up in others.

It brings you out 

of your comfort zone and stimulates your creativity

in order to survive.

My husband and I are in isolation on 7th week.

We are doing great on our own.

Never boring.

We miss our family in Copenhagen and in

Northern Jutland.

I want my normal life back.

This life we have know is not the new " normal."

Therefore, we have to continue the fight against

Covid19 and hold on to the social distance and the

other covid rules.

Otherwise,  hell can still appear  here, too.

Stay safe.

Stay apart.

Lisbet Lark. 

Del siden