Min musikalske legestue / My musically playroom.

To celebrate I have been a recognized paper artist in the United States, because I´m partisipating with a 3D papcollage paper art installation "My little accordion", as I have made for the juried exhibition "Watermarks" that appears right now whose theme is "collapsibility and expansion in our everyday items ", I have been asked to create a little video showing my daily work at my 2 musical instruments and tell a small story in front of a camera since I could not be present in the United States during the exhibition dued to my ill daugther and some small "jobs" as an actress in a couple of small film productions during the exhibition period, despite the fact I have paper art on 2 exhibitions at the Morgan Conservatory in Ohio ..... So here's a short live video from the first 1 minute and 50 seconds of my daily rehearsals where I begin to teach myself a brand new song and talk about it in Danish. Everything comes from hard work and discipline here playing 2 my instruments at the same time. It´s a melody composed by Evert Taube... Best regards multi-faceted artist Lisbet Lark, (Danish painter, international paper artist, optically illusionist, composer, lyricist, short story writer, christmas heart artist, accordeon player, piano player, actress, manuscript writer, drawer, a.s.o.)

Del siden