Waiting for a vaccine.

It has been a terrible terrible winter.

Christmas was cancelled.

New Year was cancelled.

A vaccine was invented. 

Then in January I was put in vaccine priority group 5 for people in ridk of having a fatal life with covid19, meaning that I should have had my 2 vaccines in March. 

Now, in the last week of March, my invitation was cancelled because my vaccine has been taken by people in other regions.

Such as the authorities has done to all middle-aged  in the group5 , people in risk of a severe ilness , hospital stay or dead caused by covid19.

2 out of 5 delivered vaccines in my region have taken by citizens from other regions in DK.

So now, the authorities have kicked me and thousands of other cronics out of group 5 and  the queue so that they can say that they keep their time schedules and plans for vaccinations.

Fresh elderly people without cronical ilnesses at all and almost skin dead people over 90 yo, who are not able to have a life any more must be vaccinated before us younger mobile but fragile people, who are forced to stay isolated from other people, because those upprioriated other groups are a huge powerfull election group for the next government election.

So I feel abandoned and very very sad. 

Do not believe in the future any more. Do not believe in politicians any more. Do not believe there will be a vaccine for me with a chance to create myself a new social art life after 13 months in insulation. I do not believe in other people any more.

But I am still safe.

As long as I get up every morning and am able to smell the difference between my husbands coffee cup and my tea cup, I should be happy , everything is OK, we are safe.

I wanted my artistically life back after 5 years of illness, and this pandemic came and spoiled my social life.

In order to get a little bit more life and spring around us all winter through my husband and I have created ourselves a safe indoor plant rescue paradise  and an outdoor safe pandemic garden paradise where we can get out and get some fresh air and have flowering bushes and tress all year around.... Surviving plans suceeded. We have had that energy giving experience through all this winter. 

Without all our 93 indoor plants and 456 outdoor plants in our small courtyard I think I would have gone crazy.

Plant caretaking is giving us some important daily duties and a meningsfull life to get up to each morning during a meaningless time of history. 

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden