Show me some patience!

" Patience is when you are supposed to be mad and you chose to understand,"

somebody wrote to me.

Ok, then my situation lately has forced me to practize this sentense the other way around in real life: 

"Patience is when you are mad because of physically pains but are supposed to be understanding and forgiving and you at the same time have to excuse for your anger . "

People who want to visit me and see my art after several years of  illness break, will have to mobilise patience for a long time, because it will take years for me to get over my traumas from this pandemic  period of history, and the authorities do not offer me any help for it. 

Some day I might find my own way of turning our loss and traumas into something positive, but I cannot do it now .

You cannot meet me or see my art anywhere this summer, because I still have not finished my vaccinations and I have not created any new works during the pandemy. I do not feel inspired by this locked- up situation and I do not have time right now in my life for creating art.

I work on that thing  called " afterwards." 

I wish you all a happy summer with lots of parties,  exhibitions, concerts and happy experiences with other people.

Enjoy your freedom while you have it, and please, don't distribute this damn  virus during your vacation just because you can do it without risk for your own life.

Dued to missing vaccinations my husband  and I had to cancel our summer vacation 2021 and still stay away from other people.

In stead, we are creating our own little safe paradise at home, just for him and me.

Lisbet Lark

Del siden