9 months later...

... 9 months and 3 needles later....
A lot of water has flowed through the creek since my last blog.
No. 2 Christmas and New Year in a row were ruined by restrictions
and pandemic lock down everywhere, and as usual we spent all the
holidays alone as we were still in the fragile groups, had not been
offered a 3rd vaccine before Christmas and 2 variants of the
pandemic were in circulation in Denmark.

We were gifted with the little plug at Dec 24th 2021at 6pm.
Fine, right?
Then we knew from earlier that it would take 14 days before the
effect appeared so it did not matter.

As an extra experience this dark winter due to the rising infection
rates, restrictions and the pandemic, we also got our silver wedding
smashed between Christmas and New Year, which we have gathered
together and planned for 5 years.

It became a day we spent alone at home because we still can not
stand to get the virus. A milestone we never got set, we feel.

We can have our silver wedding party this summer, you say?
No, we can not.

We can not postpone the party indefinitely and thus put our
continued renovation of our house on "hold" indefinitely until
we have had our big party.

For when can we have it, then?

It is impossible to plan anything.

The infection rates are still huge, 35.000- 50.000 new cases a
day right now, and the latest variant has only hit our generation
by now.

A silver wedding is a day that can only be marked the day it is,
and we do not think it is fair that we should postpone the 2nd
half of our home renovation for 1/2 -1 year when we are already
late with all our artistic projects for 2 years due to the pandemic.

We have to move everything into one half of the house in order to
renovate the other, which has always been the plan, that we are going
to do now after our 25 hears anniversary. So we have moved on in
our lives and are right now selling out everything we had acquired
for our silver wedding and those of our furniture that we do not have
room for during the next many months of home renovation and
building mess.

We hope this plan succeeds so we can catch up on some of the lost
time and get back to our normal social lives soon after the pandemic.
Because with all the deprivation we've suffered in the last 2 years,
we just do not want to have this virus now.

It would be pointless to go out and get it now.

Lisbet Lark.

Del siden