As you can read elsewhere on this web-site, some of Lisbet larks spare time interests are history and architecture, which she´s also practising, drawing and painting her old ancient history line artworks (menu items illustration lines 4).

She loves to tell a story and spend a lot of time researching on facts and surroundings before doing it, being a perfectionist about setting up the scene.

The same happens before she creates her Tisvilde illustrations (Nordic Naturalistic Coloured Illustration Line, you´ll find it under item "illustrations1") ... -and this kind of perfectionism of hers has till now (2015) brought her world wide as an artist.

Besides starting a well- visited blog "Box blog" on this web-site in Jan 2012, placed under item: "Exhibition Series" primarily based on her own life philosophy, which is shown under item "Quotes" same place in menu, she also is a passionated writer.

During her creation of the 3 big abstract theme artwork for her music-art exhibition "Det Store maskefald 1, 2, &3" in 2010, with theme carnival, Lisbet Lark wrote 3 attached short stories: 

  • Scarlet
  • Syndens øje
  • Il Viaggio della Vita

which are all published on her author-website:

They are all written from 2009-2010, shaped like travelling experiences, created after thorough research, because when she wrote them, she´d never been in these cities, where these 3 short stories take place.

Her 3 first short stories ended up at the buttom of her desk drawer untill summer 2011, where incidentally, a big nordic short story writer competition with the theme "Carnival" took place. During the competition Lisbet Lark won a Script Writer Course with the American famous script writer Barbara Slade at The Animations School of Viborg, Denmark. A course, which revealed new inborn skills in the 44 years old Lisbet Lark.

During supervision on this course in Nov 2011, Slade proposed her to use her inborn acting skills, and train her skills of creating characters, starting on being an actress / statist in film recordings. Lisbet Lark started on that in the summer 2012, when she moved back to Copenhagen area. Always doing a lot of throughout reasearch she´s had a lot of characters  in various productions with a preference for historically film productions, as she is the natural classic type still wearing her own inborn hair colour.

Menu item "Teater og Film" is listing up some of them, but not them all:

In Sept 2015 Lisbet Lark was hired by a publishing house in Berlin to a very flexible contract as a freelance author to use her international artist name for writing articles primarily about museums, historically places, culture and sights in Denmark for pubishing in tourist catalouques, etc.,  in the rest of the world, starting with an author talent school course in Nov- Dec. 2015. But already from February 2016 her writing area was extended to other countries, too, writing about historically, cultural and architectural themes for customers i USA, England, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Italy and Spain.

She has a very brief desciption of her authorship, saying:

" I´m just a storyteller.  I´m researching, telling a story and illustrating the history painting with words taking my readers with me to the location. They are walking there with me."

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