Museumsudstillinger / Museum exhibitions

- and art by Lisbet Lark in art collections

Lisbet Lark has now had several Museum exhibitions and also art in several art collections.

Some are permanent, some are semipermanent, some are travelling, some were juried exhibitions and for some of them she was a selected artist for a time limited show.

We´ll start listing them up with the newest museum exhibition at the top:



Art in different museum- and art collections:

Feb 15th 2020:

Artwork "Breakfast in the Valley of Svartinge" from exhibition "A Book About Death" (2019)  is now in the following museum - and art collections:

- The Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, USA.

- The Alternative Tradition in Contemporary Arts Archive of the University of Iowa, USA.

- The Book Art Museum in Lodz, Poland.

- The Waskomian in Burling ton, Vermont, USA.

- Islip Art Collection, New York, USA




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The Isplip Art Museum, New York, USA

Name of original artwork: "Morgen mad i Svartingedalen"( Bornholm) "Breakfast in the Valley of Svartinge."

Year of creation: 2019.

Printet media: printed on cardboard. Card size.  "Abandoned Illustration Line."

Artist: Lisbet Lark.

Graphically design: Lisbet Lark

Place of origin: Island of Bornholm and Søborg, Copenhagen

Size: 10cm x 12 cm. 

Exhibition period: Sept 14th- Nov 2nd 2019.

Exhibition place: Islip Art Museum, New York. Dedicated for the 10 years aniversary show of the museum, called: "a Book About Death"

Number of printed species in the publication: 500pcs.


The New Museum Of Networked Art, Buenos Airos, Argentina.

 Name of artworks: "No!1" and "No!2"

Media: ink on watercolor cardboard. "Abandoned Illustration Line."

Artist: Lisbet Lark.

Place of origin: Copenhagen.

Miniature art 10cm x 12 cm. "No!1" and "No!2"

Exhibition period: Nov. 27th- Dec. 15th 2017.

Exhibition place: The Courthouse of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Artist Statement: "Respect the very first "No!"


Museum of Broken Relationships, Round Tower, Copenhagen

Name of work:

Artist, author, illustrator and poet: Lisbet Lark

Place of origin: Journey to Nordcapp, Norway in 1988, before her 1st marriage, when her name was: Lisbet Larsen.

Media: Old handwritten leather bounded travelling diary with original illustrations, anecdotes and notes.

Exhibition period in Rundetårn (Round Tower), Købmagergade 52, Copenhagen: Nov 19th 2016- Jan 17th 2017.

Multi-faceted art- and author work belongs to Museum og Broken Relationships in Zagreb and Los Angeles. After exhibition in Round Tower, it will therefore follow the museum back to Zagreb. 


Art Museum Castle Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Name of artwork: "Saved1."

Artist: Lisbet Lark (at Simone Aaberg Kerns "Batalje exhibition).

Media: Skirmish, craons and ink on cardboard. 

Meassure: 21, 5 cm x 29 cm

Place of origin: Artwork was created on oct 14th 2016 at Charlottenborg.

Exhibition period: Oct 14th - nov 11th 2016.


Museo D´Arte E Scienza, Bonacossa Palace, Milano, Italy

Name of artwork: "Casa Utopica1."

Artist: Lisbet Lark.

Media: Digital painting / photo art, selfdeveloped media.

Meassure: 30cm x 40 cm.

Place of origin: Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

Exhibition period: May 4th- May 18th 2016.

Lisbet Lark was given: "The Art- and Science Award 2016 " in Milano.


National Goriska Museum at Kromberk Castle, Slovenia

Name of Artworks: Recycling at Town Specialists 1-3 (2015)

(3 Artworks in permanent collection of the museum)

Media: Black ink on container blue cardboard. Miniature artwork, illustration Line 2, "Abandoned" Line.

Artist: Lisbet Lark.

Museum: The National Goriska Museum at Kromberk Castle, Slovenien.

Exhibition period: From April 28th to Sept 5th 2016.

Place of origin: Copenhagen.

Artworks are not for sale, instead the artist has promised her models to link over to the organisation, who helps homeless people in Denmark, please, support them instead:

Lisbet Lark got a 1st price award for her 3 artworks. Please, visit the meny item "Awards"

 The shown missing artwork belongs to the museum.


Museo Palazzo di Fusco, Pompei, Italy

Name of artwork: "Panico Pompei1"

Media: Watercolor, crayons and ink on cardboard,  (Ancient history colored illustration line). (LL´s 1st specimen of artworks with this drawing line).

Place of origin: Olbia, Sardinia, Italy.

Measure: Miniature artwork, 15cm x 22cm, created by use of magnifying glass.

1st Exhibition period: Oct. 10th. - Oct 31st 2015

After exhibition artwork stays in The city of Pompei available for upcoming travelling (museum) exhibitions. 

Artwork has now been chosen for a travelling museum exhibition, please, go to the site for Lisbet Lark´s travelling exhibitions, and watch list of museums:


Tampa Museum of Art, Florida, USA


120 W. Gasparilla Plaza

Tampa, Fl 33602. 

Exhibition period: Oct 2015:

Media: Crayons and ink on cardboard. "Close-up" coloured illustration line.

Meassure: miniature 12, 3 cm x 12,3 cm.

Names of artworks: "Trust1" and "Self-confidence1."

Artworks were sold to an art collector during exhibition.



Museo Archeologico di Olbia, Sardinia, Italy 2015

Adress: Isola di Peddone Porto Olbia, Sardinia, Italy.

Exhibition period: June 13th. - June 21st. 2015.

Media: Naturalistic Ancient History Illustrations. Ink on cardboard.

Meassures: 30cm x 40 cm incl. passe partouts and metal plates.

Name of artworks: "Etruscan Chariot" and "Battle Scene."

Type of exhibition: Selected artist.


Storm P.- museet, Denmark.

Adress: Storm P. Museet, Frederiksberg Runddel, DK-2000 Frederiksberg

Exhibition period: Maj 2014.

Media: Satire drawing (non-religious), ink on paper

Meassures: A4 . Exhibitited in a big printed version: 80 x100 cm

Name of artworks: "Holdningskorrigering"

Type of exhibition: Juried museum exhibition  (Censureret udstilling). Lisbet Lark´s 1st juried exhibiiton in Denmark.


Woven Heart Art Museum

Adress: Julehjertemuseet, Kulturhulen, Hovedgaden 58C, 3200 Tisvildeleje

Exhibition period: The Woven Haeart Art Museum opened in Oct 2014 and opening hours are from medio Oct - Medio dec. each year.

Media: Lisbet Lark´s paper art invention from 2009-2015.  Woven paper Hearts in 6- 9 pcs of woven paPer with diffent front and reverse, her own exhibition furniture design) and drawings and music.

Meassures: 12 x 13 cm each.

Name of artworks: (Several)

Type of exhibition: Semi-permanent exhibition open from oct. - dec. each year.

Still being built up and driven by volunteers.

Lisbet Lark´s Unique woven Heart art is a highly recognized art medium itself, as it has been on travelling international exhibition, on a permanent museum exhibition outside DK, and on the London Art Biennale 2015. 

Therefore, The Woven Heart Art Museum, "Julehjertemuseet" is a recognized museum, too, as it contains only recognized art media and artworks.


Izmir Book and paper art Museum, Turkey

Adress: The Balian House in Izmir, Turkey. Genclik Cadessi No4, 35100 Bornova, Izmir. 

Exhibition period: From Dec 2012 - ? (continuing)

Media: Woven Heart Art..... (Lisbet Lark´s self invented Paper art medium. 6 pcs of woven paper)

Meassures: 12 x 13 cm

Name of artworks: "The Swan Grove" (Svanelunden)

Type of exhibition: Permanent exhibition, selected artist.

Name of-o-

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